Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The result of Aarons doc appt.

The results of his doctors appointment is everything good except his weight. His weight is so low he could not gain a lot. It's lower than it's supposed to be oh well I tried my best to feed him well and a lot. But, he doesn't like to eat his baby food and he always cry every time I feed him. Then since I'm not breast feeding him a lot maybe that's one of the reasons too why he could not gain some weight. He likes to be breast feed but I'm not breast feeding him a lot just a small amount because I don't have much milk now in my breast. Also my planned is not to breast feed him for a long time. Anyway, I'm hopping he can gain some weight next time we go to the doctor because I'm going to feed him some baby food now even if he doesn't like it. We already start feeding him baby food but since he doesn't like it I bottle feeding him with rice cereal most of the time.