Friday, May 01, 2009

We went to visit my friends

We went to Borics on Saturday to visit my friends and to have our hair cut. This is the shot I took when Aaron was having his hair cut by my friend Luba. Aaron usually cries when we take him to the barber and have his hair cut. But, we were surprised on Saturday he never cried nor he fights with the barber when the barber was cutting his hair. Aaron was so very good and that picture of him and the barber explains it that he didn't cry when he was having his hair cut on Saturday lol. Actually he was so very good the whole day on Saturday we were so proud of him. We like the attitude he showed us on Saturday. How I wish he will behave like that all the time ahaha. Anyway, my friends and I were happy to see each other. I took some pics with them but unluckily most of them didn’t turn out good. So, I didn’t bother to share it here. It is just Aaron’s pic with the barber who is my friend. She came from Russia and I met her at parkland when I went to school before. Well, she is a good friend I like her and wish we can go out and hang out together. But, it is impossible because she is married and blessed with two beautiful daughters. She's also always very busy working and I don't think she has time to hang out with her friends including me. It's ok though at least we are able to see each other sometimes when we go to Borics where she works.


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Maybe your boy is growing up and he may never cry when have the hair cut any more.

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