Thursday, December 28, 2006

" Our Christmas celebration "

Our Christmas celebration was great.I had a lots of fun shopping with my husband and daughter for Christmas gifts for my husband and for my father in Law and of course for Sarah too.

I just bought a lot of frames and a religios statue for my father in law because I know he likes religious things.In fact he's a very religios guy,he's attending Seventh Adventist churh and I tell you he's going to church every saturday.He would never skip attending church unless if he has very important things to do.

For Sarah I just bought her a one pair of Cloth and we have made a lot of frames too for her,about toys she has already a lot of toys we bought before so we didn't buy toys for her on christmas.My husband gave me a matching diamonds saphire necklace and earings and Adobe Photoshop for my blog. My father in law gave me and my husband a $200 each and $10 for Sarah. ha ha ha Sarah doesn't know yet what's money is used for so I got her $10 . I remeber he gave us money too last christmas.I think I wanna save this money or either spend it. I tell you I'm a big shopper lol. I couldn't keep my money in my wallet I always wanna spend it that's why my husband will murmur sometimes lol coz I take so long in the store when we go shopping.By the way I'm now studying if how to use the adobe photoshop in my blog.I hope I can learn more how to use it as soon as possible. Anyway, we we're just going to the restaurant on christmas day there was no any party we attended. But it was great to celebrate the christmas with our own family esp.if we were there in our hometown spending christmas with our family in philippines. There's a saying about it that "There's no place like home,and i think it's true cause even how nice and comfortable our situation here but we still missing the place where we were born. I hope I can go back there someday for a visit. I miss everything there already. Well guys bye for now. Take care and God Bless you all. Wishing everyone a happy new year filled with blessings and joy.