Monday, March 31, 2008

I feel so happy & lucky

Today/tonight because I got $50 for two opps but sometimes I feel so unlucky and hopeless. I think today was my lucky day because I made $50 for just two 0pps I am so happy and thankful to God for that. I hope God will continue shower me some blessings. Day by day tomorrow is tuesday and hopefully I could still grab some opps. Right now I'm feeling so scared thinking I can't grab or get any opps tomorrow lol. Since they usually put $50 opps per tuesday and it seems like I have no luck for $50 opps but I'll try not to think negative para maka grab gihapon ko ugma hehehe. Ok guys, it's enough talking2x for now as my baby boy is calling for me to go to bed now. Bye-bye and good night..c..u tomorrow.

I want to have one howard miller clock

Hello guys, have you ever owned an interesting or unusual Howard Miller Clock? If you ask me I've never owned one yet. But hey! I'm planning to buy one from 1-800-4clocks right now I'm in their page watching and looking for the one I want to buy. I'm so very happy that I found this site because they have the Howard Miller clocks that I like. I like the one called Cuckoo Clocks why because it's so very beautiful and unique looking. It looks like a miniature house because it's so small and oh boy I like so much the decoration on top it's very interesting. I love it and I can't wait to have one if I have only enough money to buy that clock right now I will. Once I buy that clock I would like to put it on our wall in our bed room. So that I can always see the beauty of it and keep track the time for my daily activities.

For me I believed that the Clocks Make Great Gifts to anybody because I'm one of the clock lovers. Clock is a beautiful and great thing to have. I always love clocks and hopefully I can buy one as soon as possible. Anyway, if you guys are looking for howard miller clocks or howard miller grandfather clocks you might want to visit their site here as they have everything and best clocks you might want to buy. Remember they have Grandfather Clocks discounts and everyday lowest price guaranteed! 0% financing option for 1 year on any new clock purchase over $500! Free USA shipping and free USA in-home set-up of Grandfather Clocks. Also no sales tax outside New York! So, if you are in New York, make sure to visit or call their Grand Central Terminal Store!

Let’s Make More Friends’ Tag

Emzkie Tagged me this for technorati ranking.. thanks goes
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1. Picturing of Life2. Juliana’s Site3. Hazel-My Life, My Hope, My Future.4. Jeanne-The Callalily Space5. Starz in De Sky6. My Charmed Life7. Denz Techtronics8. Denz Recreational9. Life’s Simple Pleasures10. My Blog11. Because Life is Fun12. In This Game of Life13. Scribbles of my Life14. Changing Lanes15. This is what my heart says…16. A mom’s note17. Tasteful Voyage18. Twerlyn’s Blog19. Revealing Oneself…Expressing the Real Me20. La Place de Cherie21. Chez Francine22. Le bric à brac de Cherie23. Runaway Thoughts of Emz24. Just Another Day25. Our Journey to this so called LIFE26. Nora's Notes27. Nora's Family Treasures28.ADD YOUR BLOG HERE!!
~~End Copy~~

I'm tagging Fandhie, Island Paradise, Laura and Marie Peedog.

Lighter Flashlight is a great and perfect gift for anyone

My brother's birthday is this coming april and I'm thinking of buying him a Cigarette Lighter Flashlight for his birthday. I'm sure he will like it because this lighter light is very stylish and functional, sleek and trendy and most of all it is a very convenient solution for him because he needs some extra light. Like when he works during the night he really needs flashlight to use because it's dark on his way back home. And I think the lighter flashlight is a great and perfect gift for him.

If you guys are looking for the perfect and great gift? I would recommend you that this lighter flashlight is the great and perfect gift for your moms, dads, kids, car lovers, and practically anyone. Lighter light is a rechargeable LED flashlight that fits in your car or truck's cigarette lighter adapter. It's also very convenient solution for when you need some extra light. Changing a tire? Searching for something in your car? Walking to or from your SUV late at night? LighterLight will always be there for you, and will always be charged and ready to help. With its anodized aluminum body, LighterLight is durable and lightweight. It works in any conditions even when submerged in water. It's amazing that a flashlight so rugged can weigh less than two ounces and measure only two inches long! With its high output LED, it's guaranteed to light up even the darkest of areas. And it will last forever. You'll never look at your cigarette lighter the same way again. So what are you waiting for visit their site now at LighterLight.Com and start shopping for lighter flashlight.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pizza & Chinese food

Want some pizza anyone? I have been so lazy to cook dinner for us tonight so my husband decided to just order monicals pizza for Sarah and for him. I like pizza too but I was just not in a good mood to eat pizza tonight so I asked my husband to buy me chinese food instead. Wow! everything is so expensive now imagine just for one big pizza and chinese food he paid $29 isn't that ridiculous? But, I think it was worth it though because it was good we liked it. Now we have a full tummy and guess what we're doing? After we ate and put Sarah & Aaron to bed. My husband and I are both playing on the computer lol. He's on his laptop comp playing with his game, and I'm on our big comp I'm trying to finish all my online activities updating my blogs and etc. before we go to bed.

Reputation Management

If my reputation is being attacked on the Internet day after day, 24 hours a day? I'll try to find something or somebody that could help me regain my reputation on the internet. Just in case somebody attack my reputation on the internet I'm not scared because fortunately, there is something I can do. Internet reputation management is a technology company that specializes in helping companies and individuals regain their reputations on the Internet. So, if somebody ruin my reputation or your reputation guys don't hesitate to visit their site here and ask for help. I'm sure they're willing to help us all.

Thanks a lot for this tag Mar. It's a nice tag but boy it took me so long to find them and put all the pictures here hehe.

1. Go to
2. Type in your answer to the question in the “search” box.
3. Use only the first page.
4. Insert the picture into your Blog.

1.) What is your Relationship Status?

2. What is your current mood?

3) Who is your favorite Band/Artist?

4.) What is your Favorite Movie?

5.) What kind of pet do you have?

6.) Where do you live?

7.) Where do you work?

8.) What do you look like?

9.) What do you drive?

10.) What did you do last night?

11.) What is your favorite TV show?

12.) Describe yourself?

13.) What are you doing today?

14.) What is your name?

15.) What is your favorite Candy?

I'd like to pass this tag to Francine, and Norm's.

What You Love The Most About Your Husband/Partner

Got this tag from my pretty friend Francine 1. Thanks girl for always tagging me. Here are my answers:

I love him because he's a good guy, loving, caring, faithful, honest, respectful, understanding, funny, strong, gorgeous, helpful, industrious, and responsible husband and father for our babies.
He loves me as much as I love him, and we do understand and respect each other, we know no one is perfect but God. So, if one of us could do something wrong we forgive and aplogize each other.
He completes me and makes my life wonderful and he gave me two adorable babies that he has changed my life. He's the right and perfect guy for me and I pray we will always be as happy as we are right now! God will guide and bless us.

Recycling is good for the environment

HDPE is short for High Density Polyethylene it's a commonly used plastic which can be recycled. HDPE Material Scrap is the collected material which is then sold to be recycled. With the price of oil becoming so expensive the importance of recycling is not only the right thing for the environment but it increasingly makes good economic since. In essence Scrap HDPE is recyclable waste consisting of only High Density Polyethylene. It comes in all sorts of shapes, forms and colors. The better it is sorted and cleaned, the more it is worth on the recycle market. So you can also sell your recycle plastic or if your a manufacturer you can buy recycled HPDE from but whether your a consumer or producer lets all try to do what is right and smart for the environment.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A few stuff I bought when we went shopping today

Today we went out and one thing we did was shopping. I bought two stuff for Sarah one pair of dress and one pants and a top. One pair of cloth for Aaron and one sweater for me. I bought a beautiful dress for Sarah to wear for summer because she goes to church with her grandpa almost every week. Also we're planning to go back attending church this summer so she needs some formal dress to wear. I just bought one pair of cloth for Aaron because he's growing so quickly. Besides the garage sales is approaching so we better shop some on garage sales to save money. Do you guys have garage sales too to where you live?

Friday, March 28, 2008

She got a with honor ribbon

This is my mother and my youngest sister. To make it clear my youngest sister is the one who's wearing bayawan college uniform. She's second year high school now I think, and she got a with honor ribbon this year. Last year she got one too but could not remember what was it. I am so happy and proud of her. She's getting smart now in school that they live in bayawan and has no lots of friends and cousins to play with. Before when they lived in kalumboyan she was always so lazy to study and just liked to play and play so she got a low grades. But now, she's focusing her studies and she's getting good at it so far. Congratulations Enday your so smart girl na gyud I am so happy and proud of you. Take care and God bless. Huo diay keep studying hard para maka ribbon napod ka next year hehe.

Tag Along

Thanks a bunch Mari--Dee for the tag.I have randomly selected 5 of you below to be tagged and I hope that you will similarly publish this post in your blog. You have to tag 5 other bloggers and just keep adding on to the list. (Do not replace, just keep on adding! Yes let’s hope a long list!) It’s real easy! Tag others and see your Technorati Authority increase exponentially!The benefits of Viral Linking:One of the fastest ways to see your Technorati Authority explode!Increase your Google PageRank fastAttract large volume of new traffic to your siteBuild your communityMake new friends!And these are the people who already took part on this tag:Blognation, Pinoytek Reyna, Bluep, kotsengkuba, Buraot, Iris, Banco de Reyna, Mitch, Tatapilla, HappyMum, Mommy's Little Corner. A simple LIfe, moms.... check nyo, Maya's Window. Rojoys Daily Update, Mommy Joy of Two, Rojoy's Kitchen, Amazing Friends My Adventure Treasure Simple Living, Nora's Notes [next please]

I'm tagging my friends, Catsy, Francine, Gracie, Hearts Desire, and Joydob2.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Angelina Jolie

I like Angelina Jolie she's one of my favorite actress. I think she's a very good actress and wife for Brad Pitt.
I like her because she's so pretty, very active, brave and skillful in all her movies. oh I always like to watch her movies even if I'll watch it over and over I won't get bored. I just love her.

Payday Loans

As what I've heard that payday loans is a very bad kind of loans. Is that true? because it has higher interest. But you know if you're in emergency needs or desperate for money Payday Loans is the easy way to borrow money. So, if any of you out there wants to get payday loans visit their site here. The site have some different loans to choose from so check it out and see it by yourselves.

Today is seems like a good day to me

I am so glad I grabbed the first opp they put for $10 this is what the amount of two opp. I got yesterday hopefully I have a better luck today because it's been a few days I could not grab any oops. I think I'm behind on PPP now and I need to catch up. I always watch oops everyday but sometimes I just got unlucky and could not grab any. I know there are so many people now who are doing PPP and I think there's no enough oops for all of us lol. Pa swerte hanay ra ta ani hehe.

Today is seems like a good day because I see the sun shining outside but it still cold though. The sun is not strong enough to defeat the cold because even the sun shining out it's still cold. Oh I'm so very excited the summer to come because I want to plant my vegetables, corn, flowers and etc.

12 Days Of Taxes

Have you tried to celebrate the 12 days of taxes? Have you ever been at Roni Deutch tax center? If not find out when the employees of the Roni Deutch Tax Center let loose and celebrate the 12 Days Of Taxes! See what's behind the closed door, experience the insanity, and learn how you can win $500 in prizes beginning April 4th, 2008. I have watched their video and I thought that was kind of interesting video. Roni Deutch and his companion set out to serve everything the one in journey for example you while your walking on the street then somebody come up and hit you in your face. They will help you and give you a free money. Isn't that great?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What a day

I have been sitting in front of my computer almost the whole day. To watch oops but all I got is $10 for 2 opp. Still no luck for 50 bucks I just enough to click them while they were white but I haven't got any of them. Oh well, if they were not my luck that's fine maybe I can find a better luck next time. Anyway, it's 9:57 pm here now so I better stop here for now, and pull myself away from the computer he he. It's enough for tonight I gonna go to bed. Good night guys.

Document Scanning

Do you have some documents that needs to be scan but don't know where to go? Don't worry the Sourcecorp provides businesses with Document Scanning services and solutions that eliminate paper filing, streamline audits, help with compliance requirements like Sarbanes-Oxley. Sourcecorp comprehensive document scanning management solutions will turn your paper files and electronic documents into digital assets that can be viewed at your computer in seconds! This website has web based document repository called "ImageSilo" that allows authorized users instant access to scanned documents.


Once again I have been so unlucky these days. It's been 3 days included the weekend I could not grab any oops. I was always late even if I click the opp while it's white after clicking the submit the next thing will appear is that all of that opportunities have already been taken. Hay kalagot baya oi I just have been so unlucky these. Today I clicked 3 or 4 white 50 bucks oops but still no luck of the 1k oops every tuesday. But I won't lose hope I know there's one 50 bucks opp for me. But I guess it hasn't come yet lol. Anyway, I grabbed 2 today for 5bucks, and that's it. Maayo nalang may duha ko nga na grab today ky kung wala another 0 day naman unta ko sa PPP karon. Having PR 0 is tough and sucks. Wish they will put my PR back soon.

Safety toe boots

It's been a long time now I have been wishing to buy boots for myself. But until now I still could not buy one. I am so happy and thankful I found a website that sells boots this website Has a lot of cool different kinds of boots, for women and men with the choices of black and brown color. If I'll buy one I want to pick the safety toe boots to make sure my toe are safe and comfortable whatever walk or work I do. If you guys are looking for boots either for work or not visit their site here they have all what your looking for.

She shopped for bra lol

These picture taken at kohls store on Saturday. Look at her she's on bra's area. Trying to find one she likes that would fit her lolz. I thought it was so funny that she got interested of looking at the bra's and not on the clothes or toys. I caught her two times trying to fit the bra. Maybe she tried them and see if they would fit her or not lolz. Naku ang laki-laki pa naman ng mga bra. Sarah is so funny funny sometimes. She just like her Daddy joker.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Thanks Dai Francine 1 for making me one of your featured friends. I do appreciate it a lot. Sorry, I could not do it at once I just have been so very busy and just now I could have a chance to do it. Again thanks...

Featured Friends For The Week
Posted on March 24, 2008 by Nora

INSTRUCTION: When you feature your friends’ blogs, you will help increase (hopefully) their page rank and yours. You can read more on this here and here. So keep the ball rolling, make your own 5 featured friends. To return the favor, make sure you include the name of the person who recommended you. Example:
1. Nora is one of our featured friends.
2. So when Nora will make her featured friends for the week, she has to include my name and she will pick 4 or 5 more from her own list of friends.
3. She will inform ALL her featured friends to keep the ball rolling.
If you use Blogger, you can add your featured friends using the new page element ‘Link List’.

I'm tagging Jilyn, Joy R., Lhen, and Mari--Dee.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Be oyster aware!

I heard about this fact about Oyster and I cant help myself but laughing. Is it really a sexual preferences when it comes to Oyster? Are Oysters Male or Female? Yes there are male and female oysters but there is no way of telling male oysters from females by examining their shells. A really neat Fun Fact is, While oysters have separate sexes, they may change sex one or more times during their life span!

I love oysters and so my husband I remembered he told me that he ate raw oysters before. The good thing he did not become sick or throw up by eating raw oyster. Well, he said it was only one time he ate raw oysters because he did not know raw oysters may cause individual to have serious illness or even death from Vibrio vulnificus bacteria. But, now that we know raw oysters are not good and safe for us to eat he or I would never want him to eat raw oysters anymore. I want him to be oyster aware now and I will make sure to cook the Gulf oysters very well before we eat it. To make sure we're all healthy and safe by eating oysters. Oysters are good but it can be dangerous too if you don't careful. That's why I also want to tell you guys to be oyster aware now and if you want to know more information about what is good to eat and what is risk of eating oysters visit their site here at Their site will give you all the information you may want to know. To keep you and your family safe and healthy.

This is my Desktop

Got this tag from my friend Francine. thanks Dai Francine I appreciate it. Anyway, sorry if it's not well done. But at least I able to show you my desktop ok nalang na hehe.

Ok, here's my desktop it's underwater. I like this desktop because I think it's so pretty. I love the different colors of the corals or grass whatever. I also love ocean, fish and etc..etc.

—– Begin Here ——-
My Desktop Free View Instruction: (copy and paste from BEGIN HERE to END HERE)
A. Upon receiving this tag, immediately perform a screen capture of your desktop.It is best that no icons be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun. You can do a screen capture by:
[1] Go to your desktop and press the Print Scrn key (located on the right side of the F12 key).
[2] Open a graphics program (like Picture Manager, Paint, or Photoshop) and do a Paste (CTRL + V).
[3] If you wish, you can “edit” the image, before saving it.
B. Post the picture in your blog. You can also give a short explanation on the look of your desktop just below it if you feel like doing it. Tell us why you decided to choose this picture.
C. Tag five of your friends and ask them to give you a Free View of their desktop as well.
D. Add your name to this list of Free Viewers with a link pointing directly to your Desktop Free View post to promote it to succeeding participants. Once you have posted your desktop, go back HERE for me to be able to post a shot of your desktop.
People who have showed their desktop are : Chez Francine, La Place de Cherie, Le bric à brac de Cherie , Nora's Notes ……. ADD YOURSELF HERE!!
-—– END HERE ——–

I'd like to pass this tag to Eds, Gracie, Janine, Marie, and Venu.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Who wants to win a $20,000 Home Makeover? I'm sure we all want to win a $20,000 home makeover. I know how great and nice it is if we could win that big amount of money. I know how helpful the money is for all our expenses, and needs. In fact, I have so many dreams that still unsuccesful why? it's because of money shortage. I could not buy everything I need, and I could not have everything I dreamed to have because we don't have much money to afford. But it's ok as long as we're happy, healthy, and safe that's enough for me. Money is not the very first thing important in my life but my family, but it would be great if we could win a $20,000 makeover so that we can have lots of money and buy all we need and all we dreamed to have.

Guys, if you want to win a $20,000 try to join this contest who knows perhaps you'll be the winner. It's easy just visit their site then, upload your video or photo and essay showing them your home. Entries will be judged on convincing explanation and demonstration of the above criteria of their website. Remember, you must visually show your home to be eligible. Then when you make a video make sure it's 1 the 2 minute video length limit and (2) 250 word essay limit. If you want to know and see more rules about this contest visit their site and "see official rules”. When you download or print the Renuzit TriScents Starter Kit coupon promotion it's very easy all you have to do is print the coupon then you can shop locally to sample the product and become inspired to enter the promotion. It's so cool huys that's why “enter to win” now a $20, 000 home makeover. I'm encouraging you guys to join this contest because it's so nice if we do a makeover on our house and Renuzit TriScents can help.

Butterfly tag

This tag was given to me by Venu. Thanks Venu I appreciate it. Butterfly meaning: it reminds Christians of the amazing transformation that takes place through Christ's redemption and regeneration. When "born again," we become "a new creation." (2 Cor. 5:17) To many pagans, its mythical meaning is linked to the soul (of the deceased) in search of reincarnation. See the new, politically correct meaning at butterfy. "There's a theory that says if a single butterfly flaps its wings in, say, China, the air disturbance may cause a storm in Nunavut, Canada a month later. If that's the case, imagine the power of your own ideas and others to help improve the quality of life in the world's 208 countries! The Butterfly 208 contest is a chance for you to create your own Butterfly effect! 208 = Number of Countries in the World Butterfly + 208 = A totally interconnected world! A world where even small actions can have a big effect."

I'm tagging my friends Francine, Marie, and Mica .

First Viral Film Festival April 28, 2008 NYC

Do you guys love Viral Film Festival? If you do this coming April 28th 2008, on the evening BEFILM the Underground Film Festival and Vanksen Culture Buzz, supported by and the will show the best of the latest crop of Viral videos. So please come and join them and take your best shot against the common crud! Space is limited so be sure to register now at

This viral video revolution has created a new marketing vehicle contagious, raw, edgy and funny content that is sent by web users to web users, spreading online like a virus. In order to feature the best and most creative videos the web has to offer, the Vanksen, Culture-Buzz Agency and BeFilm Underground Festival are calling out for submissions. So please submit your films, specs and viral videos at: Hurry this is the good opportunity that you don't want to miss out.


Today is friday this is the last day of the week and it's gonna be the weekend. Today we're going out again we're going to eat lunch in Mahomet which is closer to where we live. We also want to go to the bank after lunch to change our checking and saving account. They raised the interest a little bit so that's why we want to change our account so that we can have the larger rate instead of just .9%. Also, we're planning to make a saving account for Sarah and Aaron for their school. My husband is going to put a 1,000 bucks each of their account since my money is not very much in my savings. But he asked me to just contribute 50 bucks per month to put in their account. So, I guess that's ok because I want them to have savings too while they're growing. When they becomes big or 18 yrs.old so they can have money of their own to pay for college. Tonight my husband has to go back to work but at least it is only one night till the weekend so it won't be so hard for him. Then saturday we're planning to do spring cleaning on our house but we have already done some as my father in law steam cleaned the front room carpet this week and my husband cleaned our kitchen cabinets and counters. He did my work for me lol. Oh well I'm always so busy and I'm just so very thankful to have a wonderful and helpful husband.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Planning your wedding

Planning to have a 1st Class Wedding Invitations, or Beach Wedding Invitations I found a website that allows you to take their beautiful wedding invitations and customize them for your own wedding. As you might know my husband and I got married in the beach side town of Bayawan. I wish so much we had known about this wonderful web site so we could have customized our invitations for our special day. This card has a lovely pearl embossed shell that brings the romance of the sea to this bright white invitation. You can accentuate your joyous day with the simple elegance and nautical feel of this card. This item is printed on a beautiful Bright White card paper. You can customize this invitation by adding a sheer wrap. Lined inner invitation envelopes are also an inexpensive way to make your invitation ensemble look elegant. Available colors are displayed when filling out your order. Perhaps you're planning a wedding with an Asian theme, or you simply want wedding invitations a bit more unique than the traditional embossed white cards? Their Asian wedding invitations are an elegant expression of love and devotion. Perhaps like us you want to get married in such a beautiful place that you want to share it with a picture on the invitation. A photo of a quiet beach at sunset is made more beautiful when love is etched in the sand. Your names and a quotation of your choice reflect the happy event to come. What a lovely way to show everyone just how great your special day will be. Maybe you love animals and want to include that theme, well here is one way they give you to use dolphins. This nautical invitation introduces your upcoming event with two dolphins in the shape of a heart bordered by other symbols of the sea. The sea creatures elegantly encircle your joyous news. There are just so many great options and more than I can tell you about so if your planning your special day soon you should go take a look at this wonderful new web site that makes your invitations so special.

Happy-Happy Easter to all

It's almost Easter just two more days and it's gonna be Easter. Are you guys excited or looking forward for Easter? Me I'm not sure what we're going to do for Easter sunday this year. Anyway, it's not Easter yet but I just want to tell guys happy Easter.

Cisco Cables

We have high speed internet connection now but I still hate it because it would freeze sometimes. We're planning to move eventually and we're looking for the place that have a cable connection. We already have high a speed connection but we still planning to get the fastest internet connection which is the Cisco cable. In fact I already visited their site at I saw they have some choices of their Cisco Cables with the lowest prices. So, if you're planning to buy cisco cable too don't forget to visit their site here. Do you know that Diablo Cable is a leading distributor for video, audio, network cables and electronic products?

These tropical fruits called longans and mangosteen

I've never eaten mangosteen fruit yet I'm wondering what it taste like is it good to eat or not? and, I'm not sure exactly what longans fruit is? Is it the lansones fruit? because it's looked like lansones. I know there are so many tropical fruits and I haven't eaten most of them. I was just wondering what they were when I saw them on the web they have names printed on them but I still could not recognized them because I've never eaten or seen them before. I admit I already ate some topical fruits when I was in phil but not these two here and so many other.

Rooftop confessions

Do you know what is rooftop confessions? The rooftop confessions is an exciting new web or cell phone reality show. The premise is simple people confessing on a beautiful rooftop in brooklyn ny. You wont believe the confessions its real raw and honest. Whatever the reason, people want to confess their crazy antics... And what better place than a rooftop in brooklyn. Mask or no mask. Listen and watch their video in their website and see their brave souls tell their deepest, darkest secrets. Are you brave enough to hear all? Join now.

Guanaba and coconut

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oil paintings reproductions

My husband loves beautiful paintings and I'm sure he is going to like this oil paintings reproductions website I found. The website has so many different paintings to offer. Oh my, they're all beautiful and unique paintings I'm afraid to show them to my husband perhaps he will spend a big bucks just to have all the beautiful paintings he might like from their website. You know if your like my husband you don't have to be a millionaire to enjoy a genuine oil painting of Claude Monet's 'Water Lily Pond'. Imagine receiving your choice of any masterpieces in their online art gallery in less than 10 days. They guarantee that every oil painting is 100% handmade. Their team of talented and experienced artists recreate line-for-line and stroke-for-stroke the great artworks of the masters using the highest quality oil reproductions paints and canvas.

If you recognize them from, you already know that they guarantee your satisfaction and deliver excellent customer service before and after every sale. They are gallery owners, not dealers, and that means they can offer you remarkably low prices. Their gallery's vision is to provide every art lover with an opportunity to own a genuine quality oil painting duplicate of a great masterpiece at a price that anyone can afford. So guys, don't wait for so long visit their site now and their offers. I bet you can the best paintings you're looking for in their website.

I have been so very busy

I have been so very busy for last few days that I could not do blog hopping. But thankfully, I'm not very busy now and we don't have some stuff to do or to go. I'm home the whole day today and hopefully the PPP will put some oops so that I can catch up with PPP. Yesterday we had Doctors appointment for Aaron and I wasn't home the whole day. But I am still glad because I could grabbed one opp for 5 bucks hehe. Not bad at least I got one than nothing all right? Anyway, I am thankful for all those who stopped by here although I was so very busy for last few days and not be able to pay you back your visit so soon. Glad I'm home today and able to pay for all those who left a message in my tag board. Thanks to all of guys for visiting my blog. I appreciate your time and patient. Happy Wednesday!

Dark Sky Festival

The Dark Sky Festival is intended to celebrate and promote the benefits of a night-sky free from the effects of excessive artificial lighting. National Dark-Sky Week seeks to educate the public about lighting fixtures that help reduce light pollution by focusing light downward instead of up into the sky. The event also encourages the development of scientific interest in Florida youth

The fun aspects of the festival such as telescopes for viewing the stars, a kids zone with a speaker talking about Myths in the Night, speakers talking about light pollution and a music by Motown recording artists, Rare Earth. Is that they will be able to enjoy viewing the stars, night skies through a variety of telescopes while enjoying music and food, stopping by numerous specialty booths, meeting astronomers and other scientists, playing in the Cosmic Kids Zone and so much more. I know how much fun it is to talk something interesting we know, and talking about Myths in the night and about light pollution is so much fun to talk about.

The festival is so very interesting, fun and most of all it's free and open to the general public. That's why if you want to join their festival visit their site now. For more information on the 5th Annual Dark Sky Festival at Harmony, please call the Harmony Institute at 407-891-8358.