Friday, August 29, 2008

Charity Golf Tournament

My husband likes to play golf so much and guess what I found I found a website that have a Charity Golf Tournament . I'm sure my husband is going to be very interested and happy when he know about it. Then, one thing perhaps he will be interested to join with that Charity Golf Tournament we'll see.

Anyway here's the Tentative Tournament Details
10:30-12pm Golfer’s Arrive and Register
12:00pm Golfing Starts
4:30pm-5:00pm Golfers finish up course & return to clubhouse
5:00pm-6:00pm No Host Cocktail Hour
5:30pm – HELICOPTER GOLF BALL DROP – be sure to enter the golf ball drop raffle! See online flyer above for details.
5:45pm – Buffet Dinner and Awards Banquet Begins

There will be many great silent auction items to bid on and some great raffle items!! So, if you are interested about it you better check them out now.

Press Release:
he Hailey’s Wish 2008 Golf Tournament will be held at the beautiful Tijeras Creek Golf Club.

For more details about Tijeras Creek visit their website at:

Tijeras Creek is located at 29082 Tijeras Creek Rd., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688. Phone: 949-589-9793

Tentative Tournament Details

10:30-12pm Golfer’s Arrive and Register
12:00pm Golfing Starts
4:30pm-5:00pm Golfers finish up course & return to clubhouse
5:00pm-6:00pm No Host Cocktail Hour
5:30pm – HELICOPTER GOLF BALL DROP – be sure to enter the golf ball drop raffle! See online flyer above for details.
5:45pm – Buffet Dinner and Awards Banquet Begins

There will be many great silent auction items to bid on and some great raffle items!! Thank you very much for your support and we look forward to seeing you there!

Hailey’s Wish is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 in honor of Hailey Reese Cavlovic, a beautiful 16 month old child who died from Alpers Syndrome, a fatal mitochondrial disease.

With your support we will;

* Fund research to advance treatments for children with mitochondrial diseases.
* Educate the medical community and public to promote early diagnosis and a better understanding of these complex diseases, which are nearly as common as childhood cancer.
* Promote the sharing of information between the medical team and families to enhance the continuity and standard of care for these children.

We are driven by the belief that through research and education we can work to assure all children an early diagnosis and a better quality of life.


Good night..

Myspace Comments
Well, it's night time again and of course sooner or later we are going to bed. Don't we? So, before I go to bed I wanna say good night everyone. Sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite lol. Hugs and kisses to you all. the new super site for small business

For those who owned a small business you might want to take time to look at the This is the new super site for small business. It allows users to buy, sell and value businesses for free. The site also provides users with access to franchise information, small business loans and a comprehensive library of value added advice. Users can also get access to professional service providers such as business brokers, accountants and attorneys.

Myspace Comments
Everyone, how's your day going? Mine is just always the same nothing special. Tomorrow we are going shopping so it's good because boy I'm always home. It feels kind of bored sometimes to just stay home all the time. It's no fun at all, so I'm glad we are going shopping and maybe eat tomorrow. How about you guy what are you going to do tomorrow? Whatever your plans are stay safe and happy.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dashboard Free Web Tracking Tool

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Aaron is sick

Aaron has a fever it started yesterday morning. I give him baby tylenol every after 4hours to help his fever to go away. But, unfortunately he still have it and the bad thing is because he can't sleep very well. Especially during the night, in fact I let him sleep with us in our bed last night. But, he still couldn't sleep he kept waking up and turning around. Glad he is taking his nap right now and hopefully he will sleep for a long time. That way he will feel much better after taking a nap because I think if your sick then you'll drink medicines and sleep a lot it helps you feel much better right? That's just my own opinion ha I didn't say it for sure. See you.

Looking For Low Cost Auto Insurance?

Is your auto insurance high and looking a low cost auto insurance? I have a good news for you the Cost-U-Less offers the low cost auto insurance for anybody. In fact, we are planning to change our auto insurance to Cost-U-Less because it's more low cost auto insurance compare than the one we got right now. So, if I were you you better visit the Cost-U-Less website right now and get the low cost auto insurance you been wishing to have.

I bought some vegetables seeds

My younger brother asked me a favor to send him some vegetables and fruits seeds. So, I bought him some different kinds of seeds on saturday. I bought him about 19 packages of seeds but there's one missing the papaya seeds because they didn't have it. Well, it's almost winter now and it's kind of hard to find seeds to plant. Anyway, I'm going to send the seeds maybe this week if my husband have time to stop by at the post office and send it to him, because as you all know he is too busy working two jobs. He got a job as a teacher and his working at U of I too during the night. His too busy and hardly have time to rest. Poor hubby I feel bad to him for working too hard but hopefully it will get easier after Nov. because Nov. 20 I think is his last day at U of I.

They said until sept.19th only but they gave him a false info and when he went to the meeting on Tuesday he just found out that he needs to stay at U of I until Nov. 20 in order to get our health insurance back. It's too hard for him but we have no choice he have to do it. We're not sure if he is able to do it until Nov.20 but he'll try just we can have the health insurance back because it's very important for us especially we have two kids. Ok till next

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Awesome Fat Loss Site!

My husband is feeling kind of unhappy because of his being fat and he is trying hard to lose some weight as possible. That's why he just eat once or twice a day sometimes he don't even eat if he has a too much work to do at work. Poor husband he stopped himself from eating a lot just he can lose weight and get back to his slim body like when he was young. It's been a few weeks now that he is trying to lose weight and he said yeah. He lost some weight, he lost about 15 or 20 lb so far. That's not much but I could see on his face that he is very happy for losing some weight just within a few weeks of dieting.

Yeah, my husband is in a diet but it's funny because when he forget that he is in a diet he would eat a lot and gain some weight again lol. That's why I'm thinking to buy him a Weight Watchers that way he can keep track on his weight always and control himself from eating too much. I think he will be happy that I found a Weight watchers for him to use. I know Weight watchers are the best thing to have for those who want to keep track on their weight. As I know there are some ways to lose weight and one of them that you might want to approach is Jenny Craig. She can help you lose weight too so if you want to lose weight and want Jenny's Craig to help you visit their awesome fat loss site now!

Want some grapes?

Grapes are good I love them but my favorite one is black grapes. I love the taste and the color of it, looks so yummy and sweet.. also it's just look like a lumboy. You know it's purple and it's big too...Hmmm talking about lumboy I miss it na when I'll go to phil. for a vacation I'll make sure to eat everything I miss LOL..But, of course the main reason why I want to go back to Philippines because I miss my family, relatives and friends. I want to see them all again and I want to show them my gorgeous babies hahaha. Always na ya sa parents proud gyud sa babies nila di ba? ok guys, till nex time. Have a good one.

PS. if you want to eat the grapes just help yourself ok?.silly me lol..

Tag Heuer watches

I love pretty watches and I'm planning to buy a new watch for myself one of these days. Glad I already found a website where I can buy a watch for low prices not only that it has a big discount too. offers genuine brand name watches at substantial discounts to the manufacturer's suggested retail price. Because they are not authorized dealers, they are able to avoid manufacturer's pricing controls and forward greater discounts to their customers. They realize their prices are incredible, this is due to the fact that they buy their watches from their suppliers in large quantities, have a very low markup and, as an online seller, operate at a very low overhead cost.

They have a huge selections of their Tag Heuer watches and some other brands. I like the Tag Heuer Womens watches like the one in the picture. This is what I'm planning to buy for myself once I have enough money. Tag Heuer watches are simple but beautiful I can't wait to have one of them. That's why if you guys are looking for beautiful and good quality watches. You better visit their website at Have fun.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why Do we need friends?

We need friends for many reasons,
all throughout the season.
We need friends to comfort us
when we are sad,
and to have fun with us
when we are glad.
We need friends to give us good advice,
We need someone we can count on,
and treat us nice.
We need friends to remember us
one we have passed
sharing memories that will always last.
Spread the poem of FRIENSHIP.
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My pretty good friend Marie gave me this tag. Thanks a lot Mar hugs and kisses muah.

I'm passing this tag to my friends Francine , and Mari--Dee.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FixAuto Day One

Looking for an expert of auto body repair? Then visit Collision Repair Experts. There are many auto body shops to choose from, but few are expert collision repairers. Don't take a chance with your vehicle and your safety. Choose an expert to return your vehicle to pre-accident condition! So, what are you waiting for visit Collision Repair Experts now.

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities - Collage - Morph

This is what I have been busy about this afternoon. I was so very curious what celebrities do I look like and heres the result. What do you think? Are we look alike or not? For me maybe a little hahaha. Have fun and if you want to get one of this just click the links above.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Looking for private schools?

I already took the compass ESL test and I got 240 score but I couldn't get 80 score each area though. So, according to them I can't take the college ESL classes which is bad because that's what I wanted to take when I go to school this year. But, according to my husband perhaps we are just going to find another school where I can enroll for the classes I want to take. I have been browsing on the computer and guess what I found the St.Paul the Apostle Parish this is the site that focusing on private schools Spartanburg South Carolina. So, perhaps I can enroll to them online this fall. It would be nice and hey if you want catholic education or private schools this might be the good website for you to go. So check it out.

How nice to just work one job

My husband have 4 days off from U of I and it's so very nice that he just working one job until thursday. He leaves from home to go to work very early though about 6:00am and he'll be back home at 4:00pm. As long as he has no a lot to do in school he can come back home usually about 4pm because it's 45 mins or 1 hour drive from our home to warrensburg school where he is teaching. So, he comes in the school at 8 o'clock in the morning and he'll be out or be done until 3 0'clock in the afternoon. But, next week is gonna be very hard for him because he is going back to work at two jobs again until Sept 19th. Anyway, we're so very happy that he has finally found the job that is more nicer and easier for him. Thanks to God.

Want to win 10,000 cash?

Soncishack is a leader in online custom t shirts. They can print full color on any shirt. There is no minimum purchase. So if you are looking for one shirt with that special picture on it they can do it. What a nice thing I know about that they are giving away 10,000 cash at the end of September. All you need to do is go to and click the win 10k banner. No purchase necessary isn't that great? I know everyone wants to win so why not visit now and click the win 10k banner to win.

Foodie Talks

I got this tag from my dearesr friend Francine. Thanks dear I appreciate it.
Eaters: kathyrazzi kathycot buhaymisis whenmomspeaks kathycotcooks my precious niche just me.. eds edsmommylife Me,Myself+2 Le bric à brac de Cherie Chez Francine La Place de Cherie Nora's Notes Noras Family Treasures ADD YOUR BLOG HERE!
1. Chicken sa McDo, Jollibee, or KFC?- KFC is what I usually buy and eat
2. Pepsi, Coke, or rootbeer?- Rootbeer
3. Greenwich, Pizza Hut, or Yellow Cab?- Pizza Hut
4. Adobo, sinigang, or nilaga?- Adobo nalang...pero ang ika 2 nilaga hehehe
5. Beef, pork, or chicken?- Beef because it has a lot of vitamins
6. Starbucks, Coffee bean and tea leaf, or Gloria Jean’s? None of them I just drink coffe at home/sometimes in the rest f we go eat.
7. Cornflakes, Honey Stars, or Milo cereal?- Milo cereal
8. Goldilocks or Red Ribbon?- Red Ribbon is my favorite
9. Tokyo Tokyo, Teriyaki Boy or Rai Rai Ken?- hmmmm I don't know about them but I'll pick Teriyaki Boy cguro.
10. Take Out or Dine In?- Take out. I prefer to take my food at home if we are in a hurry.
I'm tagging anybody who are willing to do this kind of tag. Enjoy.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Team Sports

Team sports are great way to stay active while striving towards a larger goal. While some levels of team sports are more serious and competitive, others can provide a lighthearted way of socializing with friends while competing against others. For kids, every game may seem like life or death, but the experience is what truly matters. Teams are a great way to build lasting relationships and satisfy that competitive spirit. With so many different choices, it shouldn't be too hard to find the team sport that suits your needs.

They have so many different choices with different prices. If your looking for Australian Rules Football, Baseball and Softball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Crew, Cricket, Football, Rugby, Ultimate, and some other stuff visit Shopwiki because they have it all for lowest prices. I am sure if your looking for the stuff that is suit to your budget you can find it at Shopwiki. So visit them now. Have fun.

I'm planning to work on my other blog

I have 3 blogs but the one is inactive because I just made and left it hehe. I just have been too busy with my two kids, and doing some other stuff inside the house. My kids are getting big and older so I think it's time for me to work now on my other blog. They all don't have a PR but I'm just hopping I can have my PR back on this yellow blog as soon as possible, and hopefully I can have a pr too on my other blogs. It would be nice if all of my blogs can have a pr di ba? hahaha ga damgo wala pa gani katulog. Ok till next time good night.

Easy Phone Lookups

Have you ever missed a call and you were not sure if was someone important? Maybe your getting unwanted calls and you need to find out their numbers to turn them in to police. Well whatever the reason I found this web site that offers a service that can help you. It's called Reverse phone lookups can be used to trace harassing telemarketers, prank callers or otherwise annoying callers. You can also lookup missed calls from unknown phone numbers or an unknown number that appeared in your phone bill. Their service is available for telephone and cell phone numbers in United States and Canada. All the lookups are 100% confidential. No one will be notified if you search for their phone number. So now you have a resource to find these numbers. If like us you think this can be a valuable service then take a look at their web site at

The result of my compass ESL test

I finally took the compass ESL test on thursday and here's the result 240. LOL...well I got the score they wanted me to have but the problem is I couldn't get 80 score each area. If I got 80 score each area I probably can start to go to college ESL. But since I couldn't get 80 score each area I can just go to high school ESL which is we don't like to do because according to my husband high school ESL is just like the ESL I have took before when the first time I came here. So, I probably cant go back to school unless they'll let me take the college ESL. So, we'll see we don't know what to do for sure yet. Perhaps I'll retake the test or go to another school in Warrensburg where my husband is working as a teacher. Anyway, I have a lot to do waiting for me so bye for now. Enjoy your sunday.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Merchant Advisors

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Their focus has always been to provide first class support and education to keep you, their merchant, profitable and in compliance. As your Advisor, they place significant emphasis on the ongoing management of their relationship with you. They stand behind their service. And as anyone knows, a company's service is only as strong as the people behind it. Why choose Merchant Advisors? because they have 7% payback over 12 months. Easier on daily cash flow. Get cash quickly with their flexible funding options. The lowest rates on credit card processing. Guaranteed. Approvals within 24 hours. Simple application and Minimal paperwork. At Merchant you can have everything you wanted to have as fast as you want. So you better check them out very soon. See yah.

My Compass ESL test

Is fast approaching one more day and I'm going to take the test. Tomorrow is the last day of waiting hehehe. Too bad though my husband is not going to be there with me because he is very busy working two jobs. So, my father in law will take me to parkland on thursday and the kids will go with us. He will watch them while I'll take test. According to them I got a 230 score before but I failed because they needed me to get 240. On thursday is gonna be my second time to take that compass test. Hopefully I can pass it this time since I was about to get the 240 score before. Wish me luck guys...take care and God Bless.

Beautiful and Affordable Wall Frames

Looking for a beautiful frames to put on your wall? The VersaFrame Modular Display System provides all the aluminum frame channels, acrylic panes and mounting hardware necessary to display a collection of pictures on your wall. I'd say they have the most attractive, affordable, wall display framing system. Easy to install and change pictures. Perfect for multiple photo layouts.

The VersaFrame allows you to use your creativity in ways that you never could with traditional picture frames. You can have a strong, beautiful custom multiple picture frame system worthy of an art gallery but at a very affordable cost. Their custom picture frames are easy to design, buy and install. Take a look at what they've done and just imagine what you can do!

Vegetables from our Garden

My green beans, okra, and eggplants are very productive. Sad to say they are just going to waste because I can't eat them all. My babies are still too young and they don't like to eat vegebles very much. Then my husband and father are not that crazy about vegetables like okra, green beans, and eggplants.

Wish my sister lives closer to us or wish I have some Filipino neighbors here so that I can give it away to them. But, unfortunately I don't see any Filipino who lives closer to where we live. Oh well, nothing else I can do but just let them go waste or bad.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Shopwiki is one of the best websites to shop

I have a daughter and a baby boy, she is growing big very fast. She goes to church with her grandpa every Saturday. We bought her a lot of clothes and dresses for church for going out. But she is growing so fast and for just a few months or weeks wearing her clothes and dresses she needs new one again. Everything is getting so expensive and we can hardly afford now to buy her new dresses especially my husband is just working one job this summer.

I am glad I found the Shopwiki website where I can shop online and save money as well. This website is great because they always have things on sale and they have a wide huge selection for everything especially for girls clothes and dresses. About the brands they have Levis, diesel, miniskirts, cargo pants, Casual Clothing for Girls, and Dress Clothing for Girls. So, if you have a daughter like me and want to shop for some great clothes or dresses for her, visit Shopwiki now and start your shopping.

Thanks to God

Thanks to God that my husband has finally found a job to work as a teacher. Yes we're so very happy and thankful to God for answering all our prayers for him to find a nicer and easier job. He already talked to the guy who hired him and he is going to start teaching on tuesday. So, today we're going to Warrensburg where he is going to teach. We're all going to clean the industrial technology rooms and fix all the things that needs fixed. Ok guys, till next time. I have a lot to do yet one is to do my opp from blogsvertise then get ready to go. Have a nice weekend to all.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Looking For An Expert Lap Band Surgeon?

Are you going to have a lap band surgery and looking for a good and expert lap band surgeon? Then visit JourneyLiteSM surgical center because they are the designed specifically with your needs in mind. From roomier gowns to wider hallways, chairs without arms, restrooms with handicap railings for support and ease of movement, and a soothing environment. It’s all designed to make sure that your comfort is always put first.

I am so sad

I stayed up last night just to watch the online movie on my computer but I am so sad because today I watched all the episodes but too bad it has no ending. It was a drama and I am done watching the episodes from 1 to 54. I hope they will dowload the rest of the episodes very soon because I am so very excited and can't wait to watch the end of it hehehe. Night..

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Need Body Massage?

My husband is working very hard and almost everytime when he gets home he will always ask me to massage his back and neck. Sometimes I become grouchy when he ask me to massage his back and neck when I'm tired and sleepy. The good thing I found the Clicksmart where my husband can go for massage. So, I don't have to massage him all the time. He maybe going to spend some money to have a back and neck massage but it's ok though it's worth it. The important is our health to taking care of right?

That's why if you are planning to have a body massage or back massage you might want to try their dallas massage therapy. Dallas massage theraphy is one of the best places to go. Imagine they have a full body massage for $70 one hour of massage from head to toe. Oil, lotion or creme is used as you relax on a special table in a private room. Swedish, deep tissue, myofacial release, or trigger point. Draping required. 60 Mins. Special Packages: 5 for $325, 10 for $600 mini massage... $35 Half an hour of massage on. So you might want to check them out and try them.

It's 11 pm

It's 11pm here now but I'm still watching the free Filipino movie on my computer. This movie called "My Girl" it's a very good movie, it's a love story with comedy. Boy I have been enjoying watching it and it's a long episode of movie until now I'm still watching and I'm not sure when I want to go to bed because once I watch movie I want it to be over before I leave or stop watching. Ok guys good night.


Let me take time to tell you about a web site I found called BeyondROI. Their investment in technology ensures that they continue to deliver the highest return on investment for their clients. They continually invest in specialized technology to manage accurate and high volume marketing efforts, comprehensive campaign tracking and more. BeyondROI's extraordinary technologists and engineers have extensive hands on experience building proprietary systems that drive the highest value for their clients. Their custom developed Beyond Tracking system enables them to track and report on all campaigns we manage and to provide all clients full transparency as to how their campaigns are performing.

BeyondKeywords, a semantically driven keyword generation system provides extensive keyword research capabilities to our marketers to ensure pinpoint accuracy when developing campaigns. BeyondROI has also developed advanced profiler technology, used to leverage their client's existing website content to improve their sites positions within each search engine's organic search results. Never satisified with merely the status quo their cutting edge technology team is constantly innovating technologies to drive the highest value and ensure the most return on marketing investment for our clients. So just take a look at their site and see how they can help you and your business today.

Just woke up from a nap

I was kind of tired and sleepy this morning so I decided to take a nap with Aaron. Glad I did take nap because I'm feeling so good and happy now. But my husband who were tired too he didn't take a nap. His on his computer enjoying playing with his game since after we ate breakfast lol. Sarah just woke up too I heard her was making noises inside her room. She woke up after me and Aaron alright guys I won't make it long because I need to take her out now change her diaper and I have two oops to do yet. Take care!

Affordable Women's perfumes and Men's colognes

I love perfumes but I stopped using perfumes when I became pregnant because it made me sick on my stomach. Glad my pregnancy is over now so I could use perfumes again. The good thing I found the Beauty Encounter that selling women's perfumes and fragrances and men's colognes. I love their bare escentials so much so I might buy it for me and one cologne for my husband.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Just got back home from Parkland

This is me when we went to Parkland today. Well, as the result of our trip to parkland college this afternoon it went well. My husband is already registered to go to parkland college this fall. He is going to take one semester this fall for his teaching job and hopefully I can go back to school too with my husband. I have an appointment next thursday for a compass test and hopefully I can pass it. But, if not I'm just going to take ESL classes to improve my skills until I'm ready to take a regular classes. Well, it's going to take so very long and we need some money to pay for my school. That's why we're going to apply for FAFSA to pay for my school as possible.

Anyway, my score when I took the compass test before was 230 but I failed because they needed me to get a 240 score before I can start getting a degree. But, if I can't pass the compass test next week it's ok for me because I really don't feel like I'm ready to get a degree anyway. Certainly, my problem is my english it's still not very good and I'm scared to take a regular classes. I think I should not be afraid though because they won't let me take a regular classes if they think my english is not good enough hahaha. Ok guys, till here na muna..have a good day.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Interactive Map of USA is the best

Is your customers having problems locating with your properties? If they do you might want to use the Interactive Map of USA for your customers to make it easy and fast for them to find your properties. This kind of map is very good and helpful to anybody who used it. The innovation of this fully click able map will revolutionize your website navigation and provide visitors with a simple and seamless method of accessing information. Using the map as a central navigation tool, information can be accessed with greater speed, enhanced interaction, and a lot more fun! The map can either be used "as is" or fully and easily customized to suit specific requirements. In just a few minutes, the whole look of the map can be altered - whether it is color, captions or links.

They have some maps that you can choose from and hey you can adjust them to your favorite colors. I'd say interactive map of USA is the best kind of map to use. If you're selling properties and some other stuff on the web. It will help people to find your properties easily and fast. Without lots of hassle or going in some different websites. Anyway, if you are interested to buy a map visit their website at

Planning to go back to school

I have been thinking to take classes online but after we looked at all the information's, applications included with the Fafsa and financial aid. We thought it's just too much for me and my husband to do. So, now we're thinking to go back to school at parkland both of me and my husband. My husband wants to go to school at parkland for just I think 1 semester. But, me I'm planning to go back to school to get a degree if God permits me. But first I need to take the ESL test that I took before then if I'll pass the test maybe I can start getting a degree.

We talked to my father in law this afternoon and asked him if he is ok to watch our kids while we go to school during the night. He said yes but he also said he'll charge us $25 per hour by watching our kids lol. But, I think he was just teasing us tomorrow we are going to parkland and talk to the counselor for me and my husband to get back to school. Ok, night.. night...thanks for coming.

Life 123

Are you complexed for some things about your life and don't know what to do? If so, visit because this web site is a collective of expert content sourced from experts, editors, and you. They exist to help people quickly find information on a wide range of life topics. They help you quickly find the information you need on a wide range of important life topics. Life 123 provides the best answers to life’s questions. Dependable content you can count on from their staff of seasoned writers and editors. Plus original content from experts in their writer community. Life 123 delivers practical insights into things that really make a difference. Like impact on your wallet. What to avoid. The bottom line. What the pros think. And more. Every topic is easy to read and even easier to act on.

So, don't be shy to come and approach to them because they are smart, reliable and you can expect them to give you the best and right answers to life's questions. Also they have some featured guides for work, health and wellness tips, technology, food and drink, and beauty and style. Sounds good isn't it? That's why don't waste your time visit them now and learn how to improve your life, skills, livelihood and etc.

First Brownie I've ever made

I have been craving for brownies so I cooked the one package of brownie we got. It was my first time cooking the brownie but glad it turned out good. It wasn't much because it was only one package of brownie I cooked but boy it was very good. My husband, Sarah, Aaron and I liked it. At first my husband didn't want to eat he said he was still full from breakfast. But, afterwards he became hungry and guess what he ate all the rest of the brownies that almost half of that pan lol. I am so happy and thankful that they liked brownies so when I cooked brownies again. I won't be alone to eat it all hehehe.

Monday, August 04, 2008

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Happy Monday

How's your day going? Mine is just always the same hehehe. We are just staying home today because we're busy working here at home. Today I'm still doing laundry that i have not done yesterday. My husband cleaned up our bathroom earlier and now he is playing game on his computer while me is updating my blog. About Sarah and Aaron their playing together haha. It's good that Aaron likes to play now with his sister so I don't have to hold him all the time like before. Ok, guys till next time enjoy your day.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Affordable Eye Glasses

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These our new photos we took them yesterday when we went to bloomington. We went to their mall and water park after we ate lunch at chinesse rest. They have two kinds of park there one is for adults and kids then the another one is just for kids. We went to the miller park which is for kids because the one for adults and kids were so crowded. In fact, they were both so crowded but since we didn't feel like swimming in front of lots of people we just went to the kids park. Yeah we had so much fun yesterday especially Sarah she liked the water park and she didn't want to leave. About Aaron he was unhappy at the water park I guess he didn't like it lol. Have fun.

Friday, August 01, 2008


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Green Shell

Alright, here's the green shell I was talking about. I bought it from Filipino store. It was one box of green shell for 2lbs and I cooked some yesterday you see the picture that's haw I cooked it. Just very simple because I forgot to buy green onions and some other stuff. We just went to the mall and Fil store yesterday so we couldn't buy everything we needed. It's ok though because my husband is going to work tonight and he said he'll go one hour early and do the grocery shopping. On Saturday we won't go shopping we'll go to the water park in Bloomington. Isn't that sounds fun?