Tuesday, July 31, 2007

" Fresh green beans "

I went to our garden this afternoon. I saw some young green beans so I harvested them. I got almost one basket of green beans from my garden because they were a lot and ready to harvest. I am glad I planted some so I don't need to buy green beans from the store this summer. I have my own green beans and it is more fresh and good compare to the green beans from the stores lol. Soon I'm going to harvest my corn na pilit. They just starting to have hairs and ears so I think three months from now before I can harvest them. Well that's not too long besides that the american corn that my father in law has planted are old enough for us to harvest and eat. In fact I just got some of his corn and cooked it hehehe. That was yummy. But I'll say their corn here is good but not as good like ours hahaha just kidding. I mean their corn here compare to our corn in Philippines has a different taste that is what I thought. Anyway, I took picture of my green beans to share it with you.

Terrys Fabrics - duvet covers and quilt covers

I found this cool website where I can buy some things I need without any hassle. Maybe like us you have bought bedding, duvet covers, and quilt covers before from some of the big box stores only to have it fall apart after only a few times in the washer. We have looked all over our area for quality bedding at a reasonable price and we have found it to be very expensive as you must already know if you have priced hand made quilts and other products. So that is why I wanted to let you know about this web site I found and if you like it you can also give it a try.

" Here's some new pic's of our baby girl "

Here are Sarah's new pictures. We just took them yesterday at the parking lot of the mall then chinese restaurant when we went to eat. Sarah is now 13 months old and 9 days. She just got her birthday party on june 20th,2007. About her growing she's growing good and healthy. She's walking now as well, and oh my, she's always busy playing and making different kinds of troubles lol. We're glad that she knows how to walk now but it wares us out chasing her always around the house. I am thankful to my sister in law because she gave us fence for our door to put on so that Sarah can't go to our other rooms so when I'm in front room she'll be in fron't room too with me hehehe. Isn't that good that way I can watch her all the time and see what she is doing. Other thing about her she is so very easy to become boared that's why sometimes I take her outside the house to take a walk. I'll be glad if our socond baby will be born so that she can have playmate and she won't be boared anymore...Ok guys enough for now hope you will enjoy looking at Sarah's pictures. OO nga perhaps you will wonder why I put some other things on her well I just put that as a decorations. Bye!!! see you on tuesday because I'll be away from the computer tomorrow. We are going to US CIS to have my picture taken and finger prints for my permanent green card. - Microsoft Zune Contest!

This website is really cool. They have a Microsoft Zune contest and everyone is welcome to participate in this contest. Who knows perhaps you will win a Microsoft zune for yourself when you subscibe to it. It is a fun interesting contest and I am so glad I found this website because I am very excited and willing to participate this ( I certainly want to win a Microsoft Zune for myself and I hope I could win when I subscibe as soon as possible. Anyway, I my husband have try their service and their service was very good and reliable. So for those who are interested to win a Microsoft Zune, subscibe now and have fun! Oh! Guys I have something to tell you that if you want to rate your day everyday here's the website called I Rate My Day, you can make your own account too if you want it is free. Your account will be look like this ( Is there anybody interested about micro-blogging? Here's their micro-blogging site try it: It is fun and hope you will enjoy.

Monday, July 30, 2007

" We went shopping "

We have been shopping today and I am kind of tired so I just want to write a small message here and log off. Sorry for those who left a message in my blog today I can't pay you back your visit right now maybe tomorrow ok? Anyway, I took some pictures of our daughter Sarah after we shopped and I'm planning to share it with you soon. I think tomorrow cause I am so tired right now and I just wanna take a rest so bye for now thanks for coming!!!

Reading Tutors

One of my sister in laws daughters has problems with reading. She is 11 years old but apparently she doesn't know how to read very well. According to my sister in law, she had a lot of problems with her because whatever she or her teacher tried to teach her she had problems learning because of her disability. She had a throat blockage as a baby and needed many surgeries before she could talk and attend classes. It doensn't seem she understands, and my sister in law is finding it hard to teach her especially because she is working everyday and very busy with her other four children. So she said that her daughter is really in need of a reading tutors so that she can keep up with her school work. Hopefully she can learn how to read very well once she can try this resource. Perhaps if your children are having a similar problem you might also like to take a look at this web site as a tool to help them learn.

Friday, July 27, 2007

My husband is planning to have a lap top comp "

My husband has been busy inquiring about the brands and prices of lap top computers. We just sold our old lap top computer last week. Now, he's planning and wants to buy a new one to take with him to work. He said it's a good idea to buy a new lap top to take with him so that we can chat or he can play his games during his vacant time. Oh my,he likes playing games on the computer like oblivion game he has it and other kinds of games. Well, I know I like shopping and buy what I want if I can just afford so I did not disagree to him of what he wants to buy for his enjoyment and happiness. He did not buy yet though he still inquiring and looking the one he really likes and want to buy. He likes to buy the small and light lap top so that, it will be easy for him to take. Ok this is it. Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy the summer time!!!

It's thursday

As usual I have nothing much to do everyday. Besides home work, watching Sarah, taking of her and playing on the computer. I'm online everyday but not all the time. Just a few hours to watch opps and I have been visiting some blogs today to exchange links to them and of course I visited some of the bloggers I added already in my blog. I'm on...I'm off on the computer huh! Anyway, I certainly enjoyed some of the beautiful sites I've visited. I really like their sites sa totoo lang hehehe. I wish I could have a pretty site as theirs LOL...see you guys take care!

Affiliate Marketing

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's ten o'clock at night

It's ten o'clock at night in here now but, I am still wide a wake and playing on the computer LOL. As I said I'm always go to bed late at night. I have some stuff needs to be done first before I'll go to bed. Anyway, I'm just finishing my work on the computer that I haven't finish earlier when I was online. I am almost done so before I go log off I would like to say goodnight everyone! Sleep well!!!

Nutrisystem Nourish

Nutrisystem Nourish is a kind of food that makes and help us healthy. I've seen their show on TV about it, and I think that was a very good program. I've ever seen. There products are very concept and good value for anybody. I certainly think that this Nutrisystem is a lot helpful for our body. So, if you guys needs it just feel free to open their website I put in here and get or order what you need.

" My headache "

My headache when I woke up this morning. I don't know why, I don't see any reason either why my headache this morning. But, I guess it is just natural sometimes we just become sick. Anyway, I took some aspirin so I feel much better now. I always go to bed late at night and I hated it because I have trouble sleeping. Like when I go to bed at 10:00pm I couldn't sleep until 11:00 or 12:00 pm. It takes me 1 or 2 hours laying down before I can sleep sometimes more yaks . Whatever I do it takes time for me to fall asleep. I couldn't unterstand why I have trouble sleeping, but my husband no problem at all he is so very easy to fall asleep. When he go to bed just a few minutes laying down then he fall asleep and snores LOL. When he's sleeping and snoring then I'm not it's botheting me. It gives me more trouble to fall asleep listening him snoring. I wish & hope I can sleep without any troubles. I'll be happy. ok paalam na muna see you next time. Take care!

Malysian Blogger

Malysian blogger is looking for some lovely links to his blog. Is there anybody have some beautiful link? If you do I would appreciate it if you can offer some link for this little boy who really needs link to his blog. He certainly needs it as soon as possible. So, if you guys have and would like to give some link to him just feel free to click the webite in here and send it to him. I am sure he'll be thankful and happy.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My husband is so forgetful sometimes

My husband went shopping a few days ago, and he bought new sipper cups for Sarah because Sarah dropped her first sipper cup on our concrete floor and broke it. When he got home I asked him where is Sarah's cups that you just bought. He said I brought it in our house but I am not sure exactly where I put them. We were looking for it anywhere in our house but we coudn't find it. When he left home this afternoon I told him perhaps you left it at the store he said maybe, and I was right because he just called and told me he found it at the store where he bought it LOL. Thankfully he found it hahaha. ok goodnight everyone!

Live Web TV

I just visited this website name live web TV. This live web-TV will allow merchants to telecast infomercials, announce special promotions, and services. They can educate consumers by uploading demonstration videos about their products and services. This will lead to repeat business to their website through the portal. On Wednesday, July 25 at 9:30 AM they will feature Chris Miller, CEO of The Creative Coast Initative, Inc. The Creative Coast Initiative (TCCi) is a non-profit organization that attracts, nurtures, and promotes brain-based business in Savannah. Their job is to make it easy for you to get in, get setup, get connected and be successful in this cool coastal city. On Thursday, July 26 at 9:00 AM they will feature Daron 'Farmer D' Joffe, discussing organic farming and local buying of produce, as well as a new compost project he is working on. Check out to learn more about him.

My prenatal check up

My prenatal check up went well. Everything is good according to my Doctor so we don't need to worry about anything. That's good . Anyway, I am glad we're able to remember our Doctor's appointment today. We didn't forget it this time hahaha. In fact, I am controlling myself not be online all the time now because it keeps me busy always, makes me to forget things we need to do. Besides that I think it is not good for me to face on the computer often while I am pregnant because of the radiation. As I've heard radiation can harm the baby do you believe that?

IT Community

I have found a website for those who is looking for an online technology. This IT Community is an online technology with a great number of discussions on web development, software programming, quality, assurance and web hosting is a good informed IT community. It is also known the best place for IT discussions. This online technology has technical support community where all the technology experts discuss about various technologies like web design, software programming, quality assurance, web marketing, server management and search engine optimization. If you guys, would ike to know more about them just feel free to click there website I put in here and ask them all the questions you want. They might give you all the answers you want to know because, they are the technology experts discuss about various technologies. They also have a huge ideas to improve this website and make it very helpful for developers and technology experts all around the world. So, if you guys are looking for online technology this is the best website for you so check it out. As I said if you have any questions about this online technology or IT community please feel free to ask them any questions you have. I am sure they could give you all the answers you might want to know, because they're very informative, expert, responsible and helpful.

Monday, July 23, 2007

We have Doctor's appoinment 2morrow

I hope we will not forget our appointment tomorrow, because too bad if we do. I don't want to make mistake again LOL. I always try to remember everything we need to do but sometimes it is inevitable when we're so busy that we forget. Anyway, Sarah was a bad girl today. She got into our TV cabinet and took out some of our tapes and put them all over the front room floor. Then my husband became angry and gave her a time out. So she cried but then he picked her up after her time out and my father in law took her for a walk outside and she was fine after that.


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We went to the Dentist

Today we went to the dentist to have our teeth cleaned. I am glad we're able to pay the dentist to continue cleaning our teeth twice a year. My husband has a good health insurance so it's helping us a lot for our expenses. Anyway, I couldn't grab any opps in the morning. Just this afternoon, I am glad I able to grab some but otherwise I am sad too because they gave me a limit of how many opps I should grab per day. I grabbed three opps just a few minutes a go. It didn't take me a long time to grab it but too bad they didn't allow me to have three opps. It happened two times now that they stopped me from grabbing three opps. I am too sad because before I can hardly grab one but now that I able to grab some they gave me limit. I couldn't understand why. But it's ok if that's what they want. I have nothing to do but just follow of what they say to me, they said I have reached my maximum posts for today so I think I better log off now and do something else since I am done with my opps for today... ok guys, have a nice Monday!


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Sunday, July 22, 2007

We sold our lap top computer

Roger's friend is addicted of playing games. He has an old computer but he didn't like it because it didn't work very well for his games LOL. He asked Roger if he wants to sell our lap top computer. We hadn't planned to but since he asked for it and he's Roger's good friend. He sold it to him yesterday. Roger bought that computer from his boss or employer at work. He bought it for 3,25 dollars then he just sold it for 200 dollars only to his friend. He lost $125 dollars by selling it for 200. He just gave him a favor because they're friends and he's a nice guy, also we thought it's hard to sell the used computer for a high price. Well, I am glad we sold our computer because we didn't use it a lot and maybe if we didn't sell it will just become bad or it will not work very good after a few years without using it. The good thing is my husband gave me the money from our lap top computer hahaha. I thanked him for giving it to me because I have some stuff I like to buy when we go shopping next time. Ok till next time thanks for visiting.

Construction Software

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Sarah's walking now

Finally, Sarah knows how to walk now. She's walking around in our house. She's not scared anymore to stand up then walk hahaha. She stumble sometimes though but I think it's natural especially she just learned how to walk. We're very glad that she's walking that way it won't be very hard for me to left her up always. I am preggy you know and I had a hard time picking her up always before. Now I'm still picking her up but not as often as it was. When she was learning how to walk. Thankfully, it didn't take a long time for her to practice walking. She's a good kid, so precious, and I think smart too. We're so always proud and happy to have her.

American Medical ID

American Medical ID features custom-engraved medical identification bracelet and necklace styles. Important information on medical conditions, drug and food allergies, prescribed medicines and emergency contacts can be engraved onto the surface of a medical bracelet. Here's the website for those whose looking for Medical Alert System feel free to open it and take a look what they got. Anyway, I just visited their website and they have everything you may need for you medical health.


We have fair weather here today. Not too hot and not too humid just perfect to work outside. My flower garden needs to be weeded and I might go out later today to weed my garden and maybe put some miracle grow on them. So, that they'll bloom more and more. My Gladiolous are blooming now so it's good timing. I think if I put miricle grow on my garden and do the weeding it will look so pretty and they will all be blooming soon.


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Computer Addicted

I am computer addicted now and being computer addicted is not good because of it I coudn't remember that I had doctor's appoinment on tuesday LOL. I was very busy doing some different things on the computer. Sometimes I coudn't even eat lunch huh! But, of course I didn't neglect Sarah I'm feeding her everyday and taking care of her always even though I'm always busy. I know she's more important than anything I'm doing. Anyway, my husband's able to remember that we had doctor's appointment on tuesday on his way to work. But,it was too late already, our appointment was in the morning and he remembered it in the afternoon. Well, he just called them and told them sorry we forgot, we couldn't remember about it and they said it's ok. We'll just send you a letter saying that you're bad. Ewwww! He rechedule our Doctor's appoinment next tuesday and hope we won't forget it this time because too bad if we do forget again. Have a nice coming weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ladybugs and Lilypads Children's Boutique

I have found a website where we can buy some beautiful and adorable things for our baby. I am glad I found this website called Ladybugs and Lilypads online boutique. I just visited them and I saw they have a wide variety of children's boutique clothing, bedding, diaper bags, toys and gifts. There is something for every family! Decorate your baby or child's room with adorable style. Personalized hand painted art work and bedding. They selected their items and designer to bring you only the best. Once I can save some money I might buy some of their diapers,clotching, diaper bags and toys. We certainly need this kind of stuff for our baby especially we have a baby boy coming. It is perfect opportunity for us that I found this website where we can buy everything we need in a lower prices, and if I have extra money I might hire one of their designer to design the rooms of our babies. To make it perfect for them. Isn't that good idea? Anyway, take a look at their personalized clothins and hand painted shoes. Too cute! Adorable selections for everyone's budget,also if you are looking for a gift they have a wide best selections for everything you may want to buy.

It's thursday

It's thursday at 3:03 o'clock in the afternoon here. I am still online doing some different online stuff as you can see my blog is so full now of animations and other things. I'm almost putting animations in my blog everyday LOL. It keeps me busy everyday. Especially since I am doing PPP too. I have always something to do everyday on the computer. Our computer and me are restless just kidding. ok guys, till next time have a great coming weekend.

Troux Technologies

Do you know what is Troux Technologies? If not I will tell you. Troux Technologies is the leading IT Transformation software company with the industry’s only comprehensive set of solutions to mitigate risk, reduce costs, and support growth initiatives for Global 2000 enterprises and governments. Troux’s Metis software combines tools for enterprise architecture design and creation with a new generation of information aggregation and management solutions, offering the visibility foundational to IT and Business Transformation. Troux's Standards Management solution empowers organizations responsible for standards with the technology and best practices to create a structured, enterprise wide standards management process.
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I just missed some opps

Oh my! I came online earlier and I grabbed one opps. That was the first opps they put I think and after I posted it, I logged off. I cooked our breakfast but too bad when I came back online all good opps are gone already huh! what a waste I couldn't grab one of them. But it's ok there's some opps coming I guess hahaha. How are you guys doing? hope everything is well for you.

European travel

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Today is my good day

I am so glad I able to grab some of the opps today. But, you know I usually couldn't grab some opps but today is my lucky day. I thanked God for it because I really need some extra money especially our baby boy Aaron is coming. I think it won't be long then he will come out because I was more than one month early when I delivered Sarah. So, maybe he wants to come out early too. Who knows and I think the good thing to do is just be prepared and ready anytime,all the time am I right? Take care!

Gustafson Orthopedics

Dr.Allen Gustafson is a board-certified orthopaedics surgeon renowned for his experience, skill, and accomplishments in joint replacement and reconstruction. As founder and director of Gustafson Orthopaedics, Dr.Gustafson, together with his dedicated staff, can provide. Thorough evaluation and accurate diagnosis of joint pain, Effective treatment recommendations, Patient education resources, Expert surgical intervention, if needed and a complete recovery program. Dr.Gustafson specializes in knee and hip replacement and the site is full of information about both. So, if you guys or your family needs a knee replacement , hips and other parts of your body. Dr.Gustafson is the best and accurate Doctor for you. Just visit to his website and feel free to ask him any questions you have. He might could answer all your questions because he's a very good specialize doctor. Goodluck!

Early person

I woke up early in the morning because our daughter Sarahs is waking up early everyday. I would say she's an early person like her grandpa. Me and my husband like to wake up late because we go to bed late at night. My father in law and Sarah go to bed at the same time LOL. So, it is just like the saying first come first serve. First going to bed first to wake up too hehehe just kidding. Especially my husband is back to work now at night so he's sleeping 1:30 AM to as long as he wants. He will eat breakfast when he wakes up soon then maybe sleep back. Oh! anyway we had a bad storm here. Just a few minutes ago the heavy rains with the very dark clouds around our house. But, now it seems like it's slowing down. ok guys ah I'll say goodbye for now because I haven't eaten breakfast yet eh LOL...after I give Sarah her breakfast I came log in on computer and did some online things.

BuildASign - magnetic signs for cars

Have you come across a website that sells car signs yet? Well, I have, and it is just what I need when I get my own car especially when I just passed my driving test. I now have a driver's license, and so, all I need now is a car of my own with all the signs I want on it. Anyway, I found a website called BuildASign that will allow me to customize signs of various kinds, including yard, magnetic, street, and real estate signs. In fact at the linked page, I can choose a magnetic sign size, customize the look of it, and order it very quickly and easily. Isn't it great? If ever you guys need magnetic car signs you may want to visit their website and order the signs you really need. They sell it in a lower prices so please don't hessitate to check their website and just tell them what you want to order and they'll send it to you without any trouble and hassle to you. Ok hope you won't forget to visit their website. It is really cool stuff they got.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I had a bad day today

I cooked our breakfast in the morning, and I cut my hand incidentally with the corned beef can or lid. Gosh it was painful and it was bleeding a lot. I asked my husband to put band aid on it and it stopped bleeding after he put band aid. oh! what a bad day. I also been watching opp but I couldn't grab any I missed all the opp as always. I hated it especially when I stay online for a long time then I can't even grab one opp. I think I just wasted my time staying online then I got nothing opp. Hopefully next time I can grab some. ok that's it.

Goodnight everyone!

Save money when shopping online

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

It's sunday

It's sunday but we didn't go to church in the morning because my husband has been busy working on our house. He finished cauking and painting our windows. Tomorrow night he is going back to work and thankfully he got it done today. What a big job it turned out to be but we saved a lot of money by doing the work ourselves. We still have several more big projects to do to our home and land but not this summer. We will be trying to finish the inside work now this fall and winter and then maybe more work outside next summer but at least all the winterization and painting is finished. We are hoping it will save us on our heating expense for next winter. How are you guys doing? hope you have a fabulous weekend. Enjoy the summer and have fun!

Friday, July 13, 2007

I passed my driving test

Thanks to God. I have passed my driving test now on the second try. I am really very happy I passed it and so is my husband,my father in law and my sister Ana...Oh! I like the second driver examiner she was such a very nice lady, smiling and friendly. She didn't give me lot's of troubles. She just asked me to drive around for a while in the town of Monecello and back to the driver place where we started. That was all and then we're all done. I immediately got my driver licence after that. So cool, so happy that I finally have my driver licence. So,now I can drive the car by myself and go shopping anytime I want too. Isn't that great? My husband teased me after and said I can't drive our car anymore but he was only joking and he said he is very proud of me getting it now. So maybe someday we will buy another car for me of my own. So then I can take my sister Ana shopping when she comes here to visit and my sister Gemma when she gets her visa next year. I'd like to show you my driver licence but my husband suggested to me that it is not safe to put passensya na kau I couldn't show you my driver licence. Take care!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bad connection

I was watching opp in the morning and waiting. I wanted to grab even just one. I don't know why but everytime I decided to do something else the opp will come out and when I came back to the opp page the're all taken already. I hated it especially our connection is so bad, so slow and it freezes. I can hardly do two things at the same time because of our bad connection huuuhhh...about our day it's been busy for us my husband has been cauking ang painting our windows and I've been busy doing my house chores then we took some time to practice driving this afternoon and we stopped at one store to do some shopping and then we came back home. Ok guys,till here na muna have a good night!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sarah's so Curious

Sarah is so very curious now about everything. One time I saw her peeking at the ears of my father in law LOL... My father in law is a little hard to hear so he's using hearing aid to hear the people who are talking to him. But, when Sarah saw his hearing aid in his ears from that time she keeps looking and trying to figure out what's that thing inside her grandpa's ears. She was trying to take it out from her grandpa's ears but he didn't allow her of course. Every time he holds her she wants to take his eye glasses too and hat away from him hehehee. When we put her down because she always wants to be down. Oh my she wants to explore our whole house and find lots of trouble if we don't keep an eye on her. At her age she's able to stand up and walk with something to hold on too and she can take a few steps then get down and crawl instead of walking. She's scared but I think it won't be long before she'll be walking by herself once she can learn to have courage and confidence with herself that she can do it. You know, she's so wise because if we don't watch her or pay attention to her she'll get into trouble so soon and easy. It's hard for me sometimes to keep an eye on her if I am doing something because in just a few minutes if you don't watch her she'll be in trouble. Sometimes it makes me mad if I tell her not to do something then she will do it. It makes me angry and grouchy but all I do is put her in time out for a few minutes then pick her up again and if she won't listen still we'll put her in time out again and again until she will learn to obey us. To obey what we say to her. We are not strict or anything with her but we just want to discipline her to keep her safe as we can because we love her so much with all our heart and we want her to grow as a good girl. Not be hard headed I hope. Ok till next time thanks for visiting!


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Monday, July 09, 2007

Our vegetable garden

*Cantalope *Tomatoes behind corn
That girl sitting by the cantalope and standing by the tomatoes is one of the children of my sister in law.

*Corn *Grapes

I took some pictures of our vegetables and fruits. They're doing very good and healthy. I am so happy looking at my corn thats growing very well. I planted them 2 by 2 but now they're becoming more and more I didn't even put fertilizer on them. But oh my, my corn are very fruitful hahaha, also taller and bigger than the other corn that is next to our house. I was surprised when I saw them gwowing like this. Maybe it's because of our soil here thats very rich and made my corn grow so large lol. My green beans are doing fine but not very good because I planted them next to my corn so that they can climb to it. They couldn't get enough sunlight or breath very well because my corn is overgrowing and taller, but it's ok though. I am sure I can get a harvest on them still and I'm looking forward to harvesting them soon..Have a goodnight everyone!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I failed with my driver test

At last I took my driver test for the first time today and I failed. The reasons why I failed were because, I cut the left turns too short, I didn't stay in the right lane, I didn't slow down when I drove across the street that there's no stop sign, I just drove directly without looking both sides LOL. So I made some mistakes. Then I occupied the two lanes when I backed out. I didn't realize I need to turn the steering wheel I just backed out straight hahaha. But, it's ok though although I failed because I can take it again until I pass. Besides that it's better that I took my driver test for the first time so now I know what I need to work on in my driving... ok wish me the best for the next time I'll take my driver test again in a week or two when I can practice some of the things I did wrong. My husband said its ok too because now he knows all the things they talked about and can show me how to do it right. So I have a lot of practice to do and soon I will try again. Have a good day everyone!

Math Tutors

I found this website where you can hire tutors to teach your children about mathematics problem. They are reliable and handy so, if you need someone who really can give a perfect help to your child here's the perfect website for anybody math tutors.Score learning centers helps children ages 4 to 14 make significant academic progress in an innovative tutoring environment. My daughter is going to school after a few years so I might hire one of them to make sure our daughter is not going to have lot's of trouble of Math when she starts schooling.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Bad timing for pay per posts last night

I was enjoying grabbing the ppp last night. I had to click two ppp but I just got one of the two. The first one I clicked was already gray but when I clicked, it didn't say taken so I thought I am allowed to take it. I tried to write about it but what wrong timing! Sarah was crying-crying because she wanted to go to bed so my husband called me to wash her and dress her then put her in bed. I stopped writing with my ppp and I was taking care of her first and after I came back to finish my ppp. Unfortunately, when I finished and submmited it to them it was taken already. I just wasted my time doing it last night but it's ok though because the person who got the ppp I was trying to write about was my sister Ana. I didn't know she was the one who first clicking it cause if I just knew I wouldn't try to take a chance to take it away from her. I felt guilty to her after I knew she was doing the ppp I was trying to take away LOL. I didn't mean to and I know she understands. Anyway,I got lucky for the second time I was able to grab one. But you know what I have trouble with my english, my english is not perfect and sometimes I have trouble posting my PPP. I am glad that my sister is blogging because she can give heads up or pointers if I need help . Then I can call her too anytime. I am so thankful, proud and lucky to have her as my sister. She's so smart. I went to School here for maybe two semester and yes it really helped my english to improve because in fact my english was worse when I came here...I am trying to speak english as well as I can but I just still need someone to correct my english because like I said my english is not perfect and I am not confident with it. I just hope someday I can make it perfect so I would not have any trouble speaking or writing english. Take care!

What a nice Portable Scanner

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Bundled software

DocShell is an easy to use utility that scan documents and export the scanned image into existing, pre-installed application on the user's pc (PDF,Microsoft paint etc.). The scanned document can be saved to one of the following image types: BMP, JPG, TIF, PSD, PCX, PNG or TGA.
Scan2Contacts our business-card scanning module for MS Outlook ®.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

My ultrasound

We just got home from my ulrasound appointment. About the results, it's good. He measured bigger than he is suppose to be. He measured more than twenty nine weeks. Even though he is twenty seven weeks, but he measured like he's more than twenty nine weeks. He looked good on the pic's or on ultraound camera but we need to go back to our Doctor soon to find out what she thinks about him being a larger size and if there is to much fluid around the baby. I think everything is good, I just might have to deliver Aaron a little earlier than what they expected. It was the same with Sarah she came 5 weeks early but she looked and tested full term. Perhaps my body is just faster to have the baby grow and thats ok because I will be happy to finish my pregnancy and finally have our family be complete. Anyway, were waiting for the Doctor to tell us if she will revise the due date for my delivery so I will tell you all later what she decides.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Summer Diamond Feeling

My husband and I got married during the late Summer. And you know, it was very romantic, because the weather cooperated with us. As for the ring issue, well, my husband, I think, bought the best looking diamond ring he could ever find for me. I am so happy when he gave it to me. I will treasure it forever. Anyway, if you are planning to get married this Summer, be sure to visit a site perfect for where you can find the girls best friends which are the diamonds. And just perhaps, you might be interested in getting one. They are gorgeous and I am sure a lot of people are willing to buy them especially when it is summer time. The weather is great and that means the setting will be so nice as well. It's a good time to get married. I know a lot of people will be getting married and for sure they need rings for their wedding. So good luck and have a good time!

I can hardly keep up

I am busy with house chores and watching our little girl, and sometimes I would just get lucky if I catch any, and have my sister to help me out. Thankfully my sister can give me a hand when she can. A good thing, otherwise I would not be able to ppp...LOL. Okay, till here for now, regards peeps! Poor me, I need to go to bed early because you know, I am preg. So, I need to get my job done early. I don't even listen to any drama anymore. It's too bad.

Immigration Law Firm in Los Angeles

There is a new law firm that sounds very reliable. So perhaps, we can consult someone there about bringing my brother to the U.S. My sister Ana especially has been researching about how to bring him over, so maybe she wants to see about this new law firm and ask them some important questions that may help her with petitioning our brother to come. She can contact an Immigration attorney/ lawyer los angeles, she used to lived there, so she might relate to the people there better. Plus, consultations are free, so for sure she can find out about it. Anyway, for those who are looking for some help with immigration matters, just call this toll-free- 1-888-root-law, or visit

" Independence day "

Hi everyone, happy 4rth of july. Hope you have a nice time celebrating. We're just staying home and my husband did a lot of paintings on our porch, while my father in law was mowing the grass on our ground and he's done now for today so we are going to grill out some brats,chicken, beef ribs for dinner. In the morning I took a walk with Sarah for at least 30 minutes because I felt numb in my legs last night and that was terrible. I couldn't sleep when it happens to me and really I always become grouchy when I can't sleep good. Anyway, tomorrow I have an appointment for ultraound again. I have had ultrasounds many times with this second pregnancy. Certainly it's going to 4 times now but before when I was pregnant with Sarah I had only one ultrasound and that was all I needed. I realized each pregnancy is not the same all the time. It's different, theres bad and good, like when I was vomitting before that was a bad thing with my pregnancy because I can hardly put food in my stomach. When I was able to put food in my stomach I just threw it back up. What a waste LOL. Now, thankfully I'm glad for not vomitting so much. In fact, I am doing very good with this second pregnancy and I thanked God for it.

Global brand of virtual calling cards

We call home all the time internationally. We used phone cards, but this phone cards I found are offering great rates that I don't think we can resist. So I might get one to call home when I have our baby this coming October, so I can talk to my family back home for hours. I like this name Pingo global brand of virtual calling cards because it has amazing low rates. Plus, when we sign up to become a member it will offer us additional free $5.00 dollars of free calls. Now doesn't that sound like a deal? I would say so, anyway, it is called the $5 usermercial promotion. It is a good deal and maybe I will try to ask my husband to sign up for it so that we can save more money that way if we decide to use this card and call my family in the Philippines. I think he would agree that getting this kind phone card online is affordable and the best to get especially if it has free calls. I know international calls are always expensive, but if people use Pingo, I am sure it will save them from spending too much money. Pingo will save any member up to 90% of savings on international cellphone calls. So, that is a bonus if you are interested in getting Pingo for your international calling needs. You will be glad to hear this as well that, Pingo's calling card affiliate program pays $15 for each costumer you refer. So, be sure to see about Pingo! And by the way, watch this viudeo: to learn more.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My prenatal check up

Everything went well. My weight is very good, I gained a lot like I should. I am 121.6 lb. This time I gained more than ten pounds isn't that wonderful? My Doctor measured my stomach and it's measuring big. She's so curious perhaps our baby is too big now and cause of it she wants us to have another ultrasound again to check the size and make sure the amount of fluid is not too large. To check also our baby to make sure he is doing ok inside my stomach. Well, all of the results of my prenatal check up today and before went well, just our baby measured much bigger. I hope and pray that our baby Aaron is just doing fine inside my stomach. I am afraid too to have a cesarean delivery if he becomes too big in my stomach. I'm sure it's going to be very hard for me but I'm just hoping he won't overgrow inside. For my sake and him. Ok till next time.

Goodnight everyone!

Belisi Fashions Radio Station

I found the best radio station for all the music I want to listen to. There are lots of music that my husband loves listening to as well. We surely have a fun time tuning in to Online Radio by Belisi , as we get to hear songs that we don't often hear on the redular radio stations. So, wow, how nice that I found out about such online radio staion. People should check it out and tune in, too. so, why won't you stop by and see for yours!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Busy remodelling our house

Oh boy! our house has a lot needs to be done and I donk think we can finish it all this year. Maybe it can all be done in two years especially my husband has almost no time to work on our house and remodeling is so expensive that we will have to pay as we can save the money. Soon he's going back to work to his night time job and this fall he's gonna be very busy because he's going to work two jobs. So only my father in law will continue working on our house until Roger can have another day off or vacation then he may help him a lot at that time. Anyway, we're almost done painting our house and doing the carpenter work on our porch. We hope to paint the new wood on the porch and finish painting our house this week. That's the only thing we are doing right now because we can't do all the work at this time. I am sure by working hard we can finish it all after a few years.
By the way tomorrow I have a prenatal check up so my husband can't work on our house tomorrow and after my Doctor's appoinment he's going to teach me how to parallel park again hahaha. I know it's outrageous sometimes to learn the things I don't know but I have to learn and do it so that I can take my driver test and hope I can pass. I want to drive the car by myself and go shopping anytime I want and don't need to wait till my husband has a day off before I can go shopping hahaha. Besides that if theres an emergency I can drive the car without him right? Ok babbuh na muna. Have a nice day everyone!

Hotel reservations

We are planning to visit my sister some time after our baby is born, and I found a website where we can find deals and great rates on hotels. They have a lot of great deals on their hotels, motels, resorts, vacation rentals and lots of other things. We will definitely take advantage of this Cheap Hotels for our accommodations and other things when we go visit my sister in Michigan. Also we like to go swimming especially if it's Summer time and very hot weather, so I think it's a perfect opportunity for us to have reservations to one of their resorts; hotels for us to stay in for at least one week or so. We really need a nice place where we can stay so that we can relax and enjoy our vacation. So boy, does this sound perfect! My father in law and my sister in law are planning to take a vacation, too, this coming Fall so I might recommend this website to them so that they can check it out and see what good deals they can find there, and if they like it they might also book there vacations especially because of the lower prices and fantastic deals. I am sure they're going to be very excited and happy to know about all these great deals and vacation packages that will fit their needs. As for those of you who wishes to save money like us, please, don't hesitate to stop by the website and find the best prices on accommodations and vacation packages. It all there if you are looking for great rates, cheap hotels, and save a few dollars in booking your flights with Hotel Reservations. So be sure to book your flights with them if you do travel again-next time. I know we would book our flights with them when we go visit my sister.