Friday, November 10, 2006

About our life as a new parents

Hi everyone, first of all I wanna thank God for everything he has done for us. As you know, I'm a mother now God blessed us with a cute little baby girl named Sarah Elizabeth. We're so very happy and thankful to God for giving us such a pretty, cute and healthy baby. She is just so perfect for us, God gave us what we asked from him. How proud and happy we are to have her in our life as our baby. When my husband Roger told me this was what he wants to name our baby I said ok because I thought it's a very pretty name. Beside that I didn't have to pick her name yet until she was almost born. I was still thinking the name that I wanted to give her. A lot of names I knew but I wasn't sure which one I want the most. But since my husband already picked the name for her I agreed. What a pretty name!!! He picked her name after his family member and we're glad this was the name we decided to give her, because actually a lot of people like it. There was one lady said there was an artist named Sarah also and she was a very popular artist. She said perhaps our baby Sarah will be papular or become an artist too someday. Who know's perhaps it will come true.
Anyway everything was fine for me and our baby after I gave birth to her. The only thing I didn't like was when I was pregnant with her. I was vomiting a lot and I was unable to gain a lot of weight. But anyway, I'm glad and thankful that it's over now. As of now she's growing like she should, and she will be five months old this coming Nov. 20th. Oh boy she's getting big and heavy. I'm wondering how much her weight now because she was 12 lbs. in our last visit to the Doctor on August 29th. I'm sure she's gaining a lot of weight because I can feel it when I lift her up or when I'm holding her. Also, my father in law said oh she's getting heavy, because sometimes my father in law will take a time to hold her. Well, I'm glad too when he does it because I can take a break. Actually I'm always holding her everyday and almost everytime if she won't sleep or play. When I put her down she'll cry so all I'm doing is holding her to make her quiet or calm. I can't even do things inside our house sometimes, and my husband Roger couldn't hold her most of the time becasue he's always at work, he's working at night and day. He has time to take a rest but for a few hours only. I'm glad and proud too that I have a good industrious husband. Anyway, Sarah knows how to roll over now and maybe soon she'll learn how to crawl, oh I'll be very happy when she knows how to walk. I'm waiting for that time and I'm so eager and excited that, that time will come. Well guys I think I wanna stop writing for now. Bye and God Bless. I'll write again soon if I'm not be very busy.