Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

January 15th,2006

We woke up very early in the morning at 7:00Am on that day. I was so very sleepy and I didn't wanana wake up yet.I wanted to sleep more especially I slept late that night, but because of our Dentist appointment I insisted to wake up that early to take shower and get dress.After I took shower and got dress I dress Sarah and we left home. We didn't even eat breakfast before we left at home because we were huriedly and my husband Roger doesn't want us to be late on our appoinment.We have a cavities in our teeth that needs to be remove I have five cavities and my husband have one.I don't even know that I have these cavities in my teeth if we didn't go to the Dentist here.I have never been in the Dentist even once before when I was single.I have never-never think to take care of my teeth before.I'm glad I'm able to taking care of it now.

When we arrived there there was no a lot of people or patient . Actually there was only one patient there and after him we were the next.I was thier first called so I went first.The Dentist got my three cavities finished and he said he gonna take my two more cavities next time when we come back there.huh huh huh it was ouch they stick niddle in my gum two times to numb my teeth it was the worst thing they did to me.After me my husband him wasn't take so long cause he has only one cavities to be remove and after his we went back home and take a nap.We wanted to eat but we couldn't eat cause our teeth and gum was still numb and when we eat only the one side can feel the taste but the other side was insensible.But after two hours or more we were able to eat cause everything came back to natural.I'm glad they got my three cavities already and only two cavities left in me and it will be for the next time we come back there.ok guys so long.Take care and have a great day to everyone.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

" The time goes so quick "

Imagine I just gave birth to Sarah on june 20th,2006,and now she's almost seven months old. We just started giving her a baby food last few months. Oh boy, she doesn't like it much, she cries when I feed her and she's fighting against me. She doesn't seem to like the taste of the plain rice cereal so we asked the assistant of her Doctor last time we went there if she can eat another kind of baby food like apple sauce, bananas or sweet potato's and she said yes but just mix it with the rice cereal. I'm glad it seems she likes it better than just plain rice cereal.

Sarah will be seven months old this coming January 20th, 2007. She is still too young to know and understand things around her. She don't even know how to crawl very well yet but she's learning it now and she can crawl a little when she tries to do it. But she knows how to roll over now as well. Actually she's sleeping in bed with us I put her next to me and there's a gap like 2o inch between us. I tell you she has a lot of energy to roll over to come to us she wants to bother us while we're trying to sleep ha ha ha. Also she's making a lot different noise sometimes she's screaming too. And oh my God when she screams it's so loud and if you're not paying attention to her she'll cry. I know she just wants attension always. But you know guys it's like she's talking now, I guess she just talking a baby talk and I heard not only one time but many times sounds like she said Mama.I tell you she's a pretty good baby and we're so blessed and happy to have her in our life. Ok guys, I think this is all for now take care and may you all have a great happy weekend. Also I wanna say thanks a million to you all who have left a message in here.I really appreciate it so much.