Friday, February 23, 2007

On Valentines Day

On Valentines day it went well for me although we didn't go out. We stayed home because it was snowing hard and very windy. Maybe it was boring to stay home but it was bad timing for us to go out and do things like shopping or go eat with Sarah. We really don't like to bring her outside with this cold weather unless she has an appointment to go to the Doctor. We don't like her to be cold. I think it's not a good idea to bring the small baby like Sarah outside with the freezing weather. Maybe this is why they can catch cold or flu sometimes in the cold weather. We're just so very careful to her as our baby we love her so much and we like watching her grow up. We exchanged gifts, my husband gave me a valentines bracelet and I gave him a valentines frame. He said he wanted to buy more gifts for me on valentines day but it was bad weather and I told him not to go out just to buy me more gifts,you already have one gift for me it's enough. We bought our valentines gift in advance maybe one week before valentines day hehehe because there was a sale for valentines day in the Christian store. We went there and bought the gifts .We just bought a couple of things in there cause they don't have a lot of things we like. Anyway about Sarah she's eight months old now and she's doing great. She started crawling now and started learning a few words. She can say Mama, dada already but it still just a baby talk. By the way I saw her stand up three times now in her crib and one time in her playpen. First time I saw her stand up in her crib she fell down and banged her head. She cried so I picked her up and comforted her till she became quite she didn't cry a lot just for a few minutes. That was a bad thing that happened to her when she banged her head. I don't like it. I hated it when it happened. I couldn't help her when she banged her head cause it was so quick and I was not very close in her crib to help her immedialtely. I can see she's not strong enough to stand up but she's learning it now. Maybe it won't be long before she can walk. Anyway my husband says all kids fall sometimes when their first learning to walk.

On February 19th we came back to the Dentist to finish removing my cavities. I had five cavities in my teeth according to the Dentist and he said he wanna remove the three first and two more next time we come back there. First they numb it so that I can't feel pain when they remove my cavities. When they start removing my cavities for the first time I was afraid perhaps they gonna break my teeth but no they didn't break. They were so very careful working with my teeth. I'm sure they don't want to have a bad records by breaking my teeth hehehe just kidding. While they were removing my cavities I couldn't feel any pain but when they stick the needle in my gum oh man it was the worst thing they did to me yaks. I came back there in the Dentist office for two times cause they couldn't remove my five cavities in one appointment. The second time I came back there I was not afraid because I knew and I experienced already what happened. They removed my cavities. But I am glad it's over now and my teeth are all fixed. All we have to do is go there two times per year to have our teeth cleaned. Well guys I think I wanna end up now my message. You all take care and May God Bless you. Also I wanna thank you for reading my post.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

On Jan.27th

On Jan.27th I had a pregnancy test because I wanted to verify that I'm pregnant. I know my menstruation didn't come on last month and then I felt bad or nausous every morning,Im always spitting up,and sometimes I feel like I'm gonna vommit. I knew I'm pregnant because of the morning sickness I feel everyday,and when I tried the pregnancy test to make sure if I'm pregnant "Yes" no doubt the result was possitive I am pregnant for our second baby. It's 1 month and 1 week now.I am not very ready to be pregnant to our second baby because I was afraid to what happened to me before when I was pregnant of Sarah. I was vommitting a lot,it was everyday and even at night I suffered vomitting for four months before. oh what a night mare it was. Just forget it I don't wanna remember about it huh. I don't want to vommit again never. I hate vomitting. Anyhow my husband was very excited to know if I'm pregnant to our second baby,he likes me to be pregnant again hehehe and yes he succeed to what he wants. Well I agreed too to be pregnant even if I am not very ready to be pregnant. Because otherwise we wants our baby's to be close in their age to each other. We're hoping that it's a boy. Anyway, this my second pregnancy is different than Sarah before cause I'm not vomitting and I am very happy about it,I'm happy for having no more problems with this pregnancy ,just my headache sometimes. But no problem I'm sure I can handle it. We're planning to name our baby Aaron David if it's a boy and maybe Dianna Michelle if it's a girl but we're not very sure yet to name her Dianna Michelle we might change it or maybe not. Maybe you'll think I'm so funny hehehe but that's ok. Ok guys ah thanks for reading. So long, take care and may God Bless you...