Monday, March 26, 2007

" We went to our Doctor "

We went to our doctor in Mahomet Carle clinic on Friday to have my prenatal check-up together with Sarah's well baby. The Doctor did a popsmear on me and checked the heart beat of our baby. We listened to the heart beat and it sounds good and strong. So that's good. They gave us the appointment for our second ultrasoud. It will be in June 8th. It makes us very excited to know the sex of our baby so that we can start shopping, hehehe, for his/her clothes and etch. We wish and hope it's a boy now but if not there's nothing we can do just accept God's will. Either boy or girl that is fine. Anyway about Sarah she is fine and healthy as well. She's growing big like she should. But she couldn't gained a lot of weight though because she is so active now. She is almost 19 pounds now. But the Doctor said that's natural though they stop gaining a lot of weight sometimes but after that they just grow big rapidly like magic lol. Well I think I believe that cause I'm feeding her right and a lot.I'm feeding her three times a day Breakfast,launch and dinner. I'm using formula,rice cereal and sauce like apple sauce,Banana sauce,peach,pears and others. But she couldn't gained a lot of weight and I'm wondering why but just like the Doctor say after that they just grow fast that you don't even think about it. By the way when I was waiting in the lab to have my blood test on friday the one nurse approached to me and asked me if she can hold Sarah for a while so I said yes why not. She likes Sarah so much she said she's so cutie and sweet. In fact she's not the only one who likes her but many of them. I know and see everytime we go there they just couldn't stop themselves playing with Sarah heheh. I think it's funny sometimes the girls will make a funny action or look on their face just because of the baby. Anyway we were all sick last week, my husband became sick first and then me and Sarah next on saturday. My husband is almost over it now but I'm still sick. Oh let me tell you one thing that very interesting when Sarah became sick on Saturday she had cold and it was like she run with fever because she was a little hot and we were planning to go to church but I wasn't very sure cause she was sick . I talked to her even she doesn't know how to speak yet I said Don't worry Sarah God will heal you and certainly she healed automaticaly tomorrow morning on Sunday . So we went to the church without hessitating. I was so very happy and thanked God for the miracle he gave to sarah. And in the church we left her in the church nursery where's the ladies or other people will taking care of your baby while you attend to their service. I am glad she didn't cry when we hand her to the girl and left. She didn't cry the whole time we were in worship. When we came back after worship to get her she was in the walker playing. The girl who gave her back to us said that she likes bouncing hehehe. We said Yes she likes bouncing because that's what she does at home when we put her in the walker. Also she now always wants to play all day without taking a nap she is fine just to play. But I'm always taking chances to put her in her crib or in our bed to take a nap even I'm not sure that she will take a nap. If she won't take a nap I pick her up again and put her back in her playpen or in walker to play. oh it makes me to worry for her if she won't take a nap and just wanna play all day. Maybe all parents have problems getting there young children to take there naps on time. Ok till next time. Have a good day.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

" On March 19th

On March 19th we went to the Carle Clinic in Urbana to have an ultrasound for our second baby. Just to check the age of our baby. We saw our baby on the screen of the ultrasound he/she was sitting up also moving and he/she is still very small. But the lady told us our baby is three months old and 2 days yesterday. Also after she checked or measured our baby she said that everything is ok and normal as well. We are glad to hear that and to see our baby. It was fun and exciting for us. She couldn't tell about the sex of our baby though because it's too early yet according to her to know the sex. She said ninteen weeks old before they can tell or know about the sex of the baby. Well it's ok we just need to go back there to have our second ultrasound eventually. Anyway we went to have lunch after we are done with my ultrasound. And Sarah was misbehaving in the Restaurant while we were eating lunch so I couldn't finish eating with my food. I picked her up from the high chair and held her with the thought she will be quiet after I pick her up,but I was wrong because she didn't stop crying, lol. I tried to feed her and then she became quiet for a while but after that she cried again. I knew she was sleepy and wanted to take a nap, We left to go to our car because there was no place to sleep for her in the restaurant except when she fell asleep in our arms while holding her. So I gave her to her Dad and she didn't cry after all. Anyway we just took out the rest of our foods we didn't eat because in fact I wasn't done eating with my food and I liked it. So I did finish eating the rest of my food when we got home. But before that we went shopping for a while just in one store. We bought a new outfit for Sarah a jacket and shorts. Also foods for her and water. About Sarah she's nine months old now and she knows already how to crawl,and talked a few words. Also standing but she needs something to hold so that she can pull herself up and stand and then she can walk slowly while she's standing in her playpen or in her crib. She still learning it right now but I think soon she'll be walking. Well guys I think this is it for now. Take care and have a good day. Also thanks for visiting here. I appreciate it so much.