Friday, June 29, 2007

" We went to Carle Clinic "

We took Sarah at Carle clinic this afternoon to have her regular check up. Oh! boy she's getting big and heavy. She is now 21 lb and 6 onz, 28 and 3/4 inch height, and head centemeter is 45.5 cm. She can stand up now and walk with something to hold on. The Doctor saw her stand up and walking in Carle Clinic and she said she's now close to walking by herself. I think so too because she can take one or two steps then she gets down and crawls instead LOL. We think she just needs a confidence and courage then she can walk by herself. Also, the Doctor gave her two shots today and Oh! my she wasn't happy when they did that to her. She cried a lot as usual when they gave her shots but then she became quiet, after they gave her some candy. She was enjoying eating the lolipop and maybe that makes her quiet. Glad she became quiet and didn't cry a long time and we thanked God as always that everything is ok for her. She's a very good kid, so precious and we love her so much. Anyway, my husband taught me how to parallel park after Sarah's appointment and oh! gossssh it's the hardest part to learn and it seems like I couldn't get it. Regular parking and up down hill parking seems not too hard to learn and I know a little how to park now and I'm happy about it. So since I don't know how to parallel park yet my husband won't take me to Monecello to take my driver test this week. We'll do some practice again tomorrow so I'm just hopping I can learn how to parallel park eventually and pass my driver test. It's not easy but I'll try. See you next time!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

" Weather "

We are so happy now about our weather here. Since last week we always getting rains. Just not long ago we got a lot of rain and it is a very good thing because it helps our plants to grow very well and fast. Not like before we can hardly get any rains. Now thankfully we always have rains. I can see my corn, green beans and other crops are growing very healthy and fast. I think it won't be long before I can harvest them. Regarding my flowers they're growing fine but too bad because some of them didn't come up and it's a lot of weeds now growing with my flowers. The weeds are taller than my flowers because its so hard for me to tend my garden now that I'm coming to 7 months pregnant. I am sad to see the weeds overgrowing my flowers. Next summer when I am not pregnant though I plan to have a nice flower garden and this year we will still get some nice flowers. I'm just ashamed to show pic's because of the weeds. LOL But, I am trying to help my flowers, I took a chance yesterday to pull some weeds from my flower garden and I got some of them out from my garden. There's still a lot of weeds in my flower garden but it's not as many like it was. My father in-law helps me to weed the vegetable garden so it is doing much better. I have also been helping my husband with the construction work on our porch and doing some of the painting for him but he does not want me to work to hard so I don't hurt our baby. I'll be so glad to have our baby so I can get back to doing all the things I like around our house and property. Ok till next time tc and goodnight!

For all the Police enthusiast

I mean for all the Police enthusiasts out there, this new Police cd is now available in your local retail store. It is a double disc compilation Police Cd that has the vintage Police poster included when you purchase it. So, isn't that great, that you can get that, too! Anyway, as for the Police music, I think they are amazing! My sister Ana and I just enjoy listening to them, especially the "Every Breath You Take" song, we love it the most. It is so nice to listen to, upbeat and different from all the other music we have ever heard. Plus they sound quite unique. They are good. It's no wonder that their band is lasting up to this day-still around, and is very successful even today. So, I am one of their many fans. I like their music. The new cd would make a nice gift to somebody, and perhaps, I would get one for myself whenever I can afford to get one. I would like to collect them, and keep them in stock for my copy and collection. By the way, please click the Police video to be able to see their video, hear their ringtones, and play their music as well. Don't miss out on such a great deal! You have got to have a copy of their new cd. I heard it is really good...!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

" We met the lawyer "

Today we went to talk to our lawyer about the I-751 filing to remove conditional status from my green card. We gave him all the paperwork we think he needed to file the form for me to be a permanent resident here. He said that we have good evidence and that they should accept what we have with no problem because my husband kept good records of everything and we have a happy marriage with one child, Sarah and another to be born soon. So he said there should be no problem and that we just have to wait for them to send me a time to go have my picture and finger prints taken. Then he said I can have my permanent status and next year I can apply to become a US citizen. So I will be very happy when all the immigration issues are finally completed and also my husband because it's so very expensive to pay for filing all the forms. Maybe by next year it can all be finished and I will tell you all that I am finally a citizen of the USA. I asked the lawyer about what I can do to sponsor my brother to come here and he looked it up on the USCIS web page and told us it takes a very long time to sponsor a brother. He told us they are still processing visa applications from 1985 and that they only approve 65,000 per year from the Philippines. So I was so sad to hear this news and don't know what to tell my family there but it seems like a waste to try to get a visa in that way. We can only pray and ask God for help to show us a way to help my family.

Our daughter's future Innovative Tutor

My sister said that she signed up to be a member of an online website for helping her daughter learn well in academics. And according to her it works, and so, I thought I would check it out as well since our daughter will be in school, too, in a few years. I looked into it, and read all about it, it seems like a good program to get for our daughter. It will be an Innovative Tutor that our daughter will need to keep up in school. I want to make sure she will have a sheer chance of having the passing grades. It hurts to fail, and that I know so about. So, anyway, I am glad that there is now a good program that future parents like us here can count on to help.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

" We went to church "

We went to church today. We went early because that's the only one service this summer and it starts at 9:30am. Before they had two services the first started at 9:00am and the second one was 10:45 to 12am. We liked their time schedule before compared to now because we always attended their second service and we didn't have to wake up too early. It's ok though, because we are not attending church every sunday I think only twice a month. We are not attending church very often because it's hard for Sarah to wake up so early and for me too I'm always sleepy every morning and my husband doesn't like very much to go to church because he becomes boared sometimes when the preacher is boaring LOL. He likes the music though. I like going to church always but the problem of me is my being sleepy head hahaha and doesn't wanna wake up too early. Everytime I wanna go to church all I need to do is to tell my husband and he will take me to church without any complaining and I like it...By they way, we went to eat lunch in Mahomet restaurant after church then came back home to relax and share our nice Sunday together. Have a great sunday everyone.

Friday, June 22, 2007

" Driving Lessons "

Today we went to Monticello with my father in law. He asked us to go with him because he wanted to get his new licence plates and he wanted to show us the place where the driver examiner took him before when he was taking his driving test. We took a look at the route they took him on for his driving test and it's not a long way to drive. In fact, I drove our car from here in our house to Monticello and I did a lot of practice there too. Afterwards my husband said he wants me to take my driver test today since we where there, but I keep telling him that I am not ready especially since he just taught me today how to park. I couldn't get everything perfect in one time. Also, when I heard that he wants me to take my driver test I became nervous and I drove the car like I don't know how to drive and made a lot of mistakes LOL. We kept roaming around there for many times and he asked me again if I wanna take my driver test. I said well if you want me to take my driver test it's up to you but if I fail don't blame me. He said OK I won't blame you just try your best. So we came in and he told the lady that I am ready to take my driver test but before we go on he asked the lady first if they want me to parallel park and she said yes and also up down hill parking, that's the things that he hadn't taught me yet. So luckily I couldn't take my driver test today hahaha. He wants to teach me how to parallel park and up down hill park next week and maybe take my driving test too. So I'm just hopping I can make it and if not we'll try again and again no big deal he says even if I fail the first time.

Bet with bet365

There is this new online casino, interactive games that is perfect for those that loves to make some money by betting. And I think my husband and I would enjoy such online casino especially when the sports we are into are available tfor us play and bet on. Well, I think we can find all kind of games to play and win some money if possible. Anyway, the site cators to just everybody wether one speaks English or not, because the site has an on site languages for those of different nationailities. So, it's easy because anyone can enter the site using their own languages, that they can relate to and understand. I think it's a great feature. This online pokeris really fund and exciting, one of kind, I tell you. A unique one because it has variety to offer for the interested players.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

" Remodeling our house "

I've been helping with my husband painting our house today. Perhaps you wonder why it's still not finish untill now it's because it's such a big job. There's a lot of work our house is two story and so much of to work has to be done off of the ladders so its slow to complete also, a lot of things came up and so it delayed our work of painting. Today I think we have done a lot especially my husband. He's fast and a good painter. I helped him painting but I didn't try to climb up on the ladder or even ware out myself because I am afraid perhaps I gonna fall down and hurt our baby and myself. I am just so very careful to guard the health of our unborn child. I like to do this kind of work though so I helped him paint all the stuff I could reach from the ground and he did all the work on the ladders. We still have a lot of work left before we can finish cause he has to finish some construction on our porch putting new wood up and other things but we hope we can finish it all in a week or two. It's hard for him too because he still can't fully use his left hand from the surgery so its slower than we would like. Don't worry though because we will finish and then our house will look so new and pretty from the outside. Tomorrow we are going to town my husband will teach me some of driving and how to park perfectly. He thinks I'm about ready to take my driver test just a few things he needs to teach me then he wants me to take my driver test maybe next week or last week of june. Well, I don't feel that I am ready to take my driver test so soon but if I'm going to take it I'm just hopping I can pass. Ok this is it. Thanks and God Bless you all.

Reg-analytics Report

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more popular to get a software that helps people get organized with their files, and online documents such as online forms, etc. I think, I found the right one for us, to look into. It is an event registration system that can help us manage what we do online. Like we can have customize modules for online registration forms, attendee management, secure credit-card payment processing, hotel reservations and room block management, automatic wait list handling, sending automatic reminders, on-site registrations, name badges, post-event surveys and flexible reporting. So, don't we need one to make it easier for us to get everything done in a daily basis. It's neat because we can clearly specify our files and what we need to do everyday, especially with paying our bills online. It will be a useful tool to have then, I can't wait to try it if possible that we can. Oh, if you are reading this and is interested, be sure to check out the site for more information.

" Sarah's first birthday"

We just had a simple birhtday party for Sarah. We bought her a cake, candies, toys, sandals, cotton candy and a birthday hats but she couldn't wear the hat because we forgot to put it on her. Also, we forgot to buy balloons for her. Besides that it was a very nice party. My husband and I and my father in law took Sarah to Ants in their pants to celebrate her birthday party there and so that she can have a lot of fun, and enjoy her birthday even though she's too young to know about it. But at least she enjoyed and had fun on her birthday yesterday. She played a lot in the ball pit and went on all the rides. She played a lot with the other children too, so we think she had a very happy birthday. It was a good opportunity for us to take a lot of pictures so we can show to her someday how she looked on her first birthday. It was a good time for all of us to share Sarah's first birthday together. Hope you have a good day. Take care!!!

Video Fantastica!

I found another site where people can share their videos. It's a Video Fantastica!. The website for everyone to visit and share videos, as well as vote on the best video footage there is. I saw some of the interesting ones like the most viewed videos. makes me wonder if I should have our videos out there, too...LOL. It seems like a fun way to share some of the videos I have taken with my canon digital camera.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

" Just a small note "

Ooooh! I am tired from town but I came online just to tell you that I will post some of Sarah's birthday pictures tomorrow then I'll tell you about what happened at her birthday party today. I got a lot of pictures of her because we went to the childrens play park called Ants in their pants and they have a lot of stuff in their for Sarah to play. She really likes playing there and she enjoyed it. Now she's sleeping because I think she's also tired like us. ok till next time goodnight!

The Reno 911! dvd

I was just checking out the reno 911 dvd games, games off the Reno 911! Miami The Movie, and picked one that I was interested to play. My picked was the Game # 2 - Calling All Units. It looked to me like an easy enough game to play, so I gave it a try. I got to maneuver a police car, busting criminals, actually armed robbery.
And I think I did quite well in the game, I scored perfect in several rounds, but I couldn't go on and on, because the longer I stayed playing the more available cases I had to bust. So, I stopped when I thought I had enough and did a good job. You can see how I did; my score on the screen shot here. I enjoyed my time playing, it made me learn a few things about driving especially when I am currently taking driving lessons. It was neat, because it taught me to slow down and follow the stop lights. I was driving fast, but made it without a scratch I think. By the way this Reno 911! Miami The Movie is so exciting to watch, I saw parts of it on tv, really, I think it's a funny movie. There's a new dvd on release, so look for it and get one.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

" Just received some wedding pic's"

We just received some wedding pictures of my sister Gemma. At last their wedding is finished just on june 18th, 2007. Oh! she looks so very fantastic,so very pretty and smilling!!! I am sure she's happy and lucky to marry the guy she loves with all her heart. We saw they got married in the same church where we were married and it brought back such nice and happy memories. I saw all my family and friends there in attendance. I just wish we could have gone to be there with them in there happy time. It's to hard for me to travel right now though because I'm more than 6 months pregnant so we just wish them all the happiness in the world and we know if there life is half as happy as ours it will be so great. So to my sister Gemma and her husband Jimmy we say have a great honeymoon and we hope to see you here in the USA as soon as possible.
My sister Ana will make a slide show for Gemma's wedding pic's so I'll share it to you as soon as she finishes making it. Have a wonderful day!!!

Burn Notice's Spying 101

I am so excited to see Burn Notice's Spying 101 that will be premiering soon. It's about being a spy. My, if I were to be a spy, what would I do and what techniques would I use. Hmmm...that is something that has to be clever and one of a kind. Perhaps, I would get an assume name, pretend that I am working a regular job, and well equiped with spy tools such as binocular, masked, etc. Now, are those things what a spy usually needs? I have seen some movies before that has people playing as a spy. It is quite a dangeruous job, you know. By the way, this series that is starting on June 28th with Michael Weston in it, a CIA Operative on USA Network's new TV series, Burn Notice, will have to accomplish a similar task! So, let's see if he does have a much clever idea and better techniques than mine...LOL. It would be really interesting if I see some similarities. What an exciting series this is
USA Network's Burn Notice. I can't wait to see it soon. I love watching anything that has suspense especially like this new series coming up. Being a spy is somewhat thrilling, but kind of scary, too, at the same time. Always on a tip toed move.

Monday, June 18, 2007

" Got some rains "

oh! thankfully, at last we got some rains just now. I feel so good and happy for our gardens that finally received some rains and solved their problems from being thirsty and dry. You know what guys? This coming wensday is Sarah's Birthday!!! My husband called today to make plans for Sarah's first birthday party. Were taking her to a childrens play park called Ants in their pants where they have a lot of games and rides for kids. We will have balloons with birthday cake for her too, even though she may still be to young to understand what her birthday is. Anyway, I will take pics for everyone to see and we hope she will have a good time!

Burn Notice's Survivor

Talk about being a survivor. Well, that is not new to me. I am used to living life that way anyway. And I can guarantee that if I am stranded some place, I could survive somehow. So, ah, I think I can do it, I am a survivor, just like with this series that will be premiering in the coming months called "USA Network's Burn Notice". It is where information about surviving can be found, that is if I understood it correctly. So if you are curious, why won't you check it out and see for yourself, what it really is all about. I saw the video clip, and it looks to me like it's more about surviving after losing a job. Really, I think if one is fired from a very case sensitive job, it's tough to survive then after that. It would be hard to find a job, doing something else other than what you are trained to do in first place. I don't even want to see myself in such predicament. I think that series will really draw attention from the public viewers, and perhaps be one of the popular series on tv. We will all watch it, and see. So, don't you want to go see a clip of it, too?

Happy Monday!

Hi guys, I hope you will enjoy the new photos I am sharing here. They were taken not too long ago, yes, they are fresh off the press....LOL. I am just kidding. Anyway, we are glad that we got rains in here this morning. It wasn't very much but at least we got rains and I know it helps our flowers,gardens and tress. Hopefully next time we can get a lot of rains. ok guys hope you have a nice day. Take care!!!

The Lead Dogs

Does anyone need some help with running a business? Perhaps a hand with reaching out to people and letting them know you have what they are looking for? Well, look no further than this what is called Business to Business Telemarketing. I think it will help boost a business, because it is am effective technique, or way to generate more clients ot customers. I would say so. So, if you want further information, be sure to look into it by visitingn the link here. .

" Heres some photos "

" Me and Sarah sitting on their giant rocking chair lol!!!
" Me watching the sister of my father in law who's doing quilting...that was fun going there and checking all what they have to see hehehe. Actually we just bought a few things there so that we have a sovenier by going there...It's nice to have a sovenier from any place we've gone isn't it?

" My father in law,his sister Lizzyanne,Sarah and me have our piture taken together...while she's quilting...

" All of us except my husband who took picture of us... we were all done eating when we got this pic and this is the only one picture we got in the restaurant and most of these pictures here we got from Rockome gardens. I like Rockome gardens cause it's a beautiful place. We had a lot of fun really when we went there and we are planning to go back there sometime. ok till next time see yah...

American Fantasy Football League

My husband loves football, and you know, I found a website where he can form his team and win real prizes. Imagine that, he can win some prizes which is great and exciting I think. Anyway, he and my brother in laws can join in playing this "Fantasy Football" and perhaps win a little something for each of them. It's easy because they can try it out at first, then if they decide to get serious they can easily do so. Doesn't that sound so much fun? It does to me. So, refer someone you know who might be interested, okay?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

" Happy father's Day "

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers and hope you will have a nice time celebrating it with your love ones, kids, family and relatives. OK? enjoy and have fun. Me I just want to take my hubby and father in law to the restaurant tonight to have dinner and after that we might go shopping and buy them a few things they want and probably go back home after shopping. Right now my husband went to his friend to help him fix his problem in his kitchen. He tries to always help people but in fact, I didn't like it because it is sunday and most of all it's father's day. By the way we went to Rockome gardens yesterday to watch the sister of my father in law whos doing quilting there. I thought quilting is not too hard but I am not sure if I wanna do it because it takes a long time to quilt. It's just like you sew clotches but it is just hand made and you need to make additional styles with it. You must have courage and patients to make a quilt but according to them it's so very expensive to sell like $500 up to thousand 2x.eeek too much. We also found a lot of different stuff over there but high price and we didn't buy a lot just a few things wind chimes, Amish apple butter and candies. We like and we enjoyed going there and maybe we'll go back there sometime. Anyway I got some pic's to share to you but not today maybe tomorrow. Have a great day everyone!

Math Tutors...

Talking about Math, well, I know that with almost everyone, it is not such an easy subject to take. I can still remember what I had to go through trying to solve my math solving problems, it was difficult. Math is something I wish I had a Tutor for, just like with what I found online having "Math Tutors" to help children ages 4 to 14 make significant academic progress in an innovative tutoring environment. It would have been nice, but anyway, I am going to keep such tutoring program for my future reference, because our daughter might need tutoring someday.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

" We have a dry summer here "

It is so bad that we still don't have any rains this week. Our gardens are now so very dry but fortunately our plants are growing well and healthy especially our corn and green beans they're getting bigger and taller. I can't wait to harvest them soon lol. Especially my corn (na pilit) that came from Philippines. I am sure it is yummy hahaha. By the way I've been here almost 2 years now and my husband is just finished filling out all the I-751 forms to remove my conditional immigrant status for me to be a permanent risident here. He is complaining though because the fee's are a lot and the forms are not very clear and easy to understand. He called a lawyer today to get information because when he tried to call USCIS there computers were not working and they could not help and even gave some wrong answers to his questions. Everything will be ok though because the lawyer gave us all the answers we need and he will file the papers for me soon. Anyway, Sarah is feeling well now. She's not sick anymore and we thanked God for it. OK guys I will say bye for now and goodnight.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Listening device...

I have seen on tv about listening device, and found one on the internet as well. So, if ever my father in law would like one, I can recoomend him to this website that sells the amazing Listen Up that is a fine invention to make him hear anything and as loud as he possibly want. Like turning on his tv upstairs as loud as he wants, and we won't have to disturb especially if our new baby is here. He can very much enjoy his time listening. Great product.

" My ultrasound "

" Aaron's ultrasound pic "

Yesterday! we went to the Doctor to have my another ultrasound for Aaron. They wanted to see his face and legs. Finally, they got to see it better than last time. The technician said that everything looks good and we don't have to worry about anything. So that's great news. Anyway, I am glad that it's over now and no more hassle for us to go back there to have an ultrasound again. The nurse of our doctor just called and also confirmed our doctor checked the ultrasound and says all is good with Aaron. Oh, did I tell you about the results of my blood test? Thankfully the results of my blood test was negative and that's good because I was afraid perhaps they will give me a lot of shots (ouch) when the results was positive. Well guys, everything is prefectly good and we are so very happy and thankful to God about it. ok till next time tc and goodnight.

PayPerpost have raised another $7MM...

My, that is great that PayPerPost have raised $7MM in funding. Now, that will help everyone a lot in terms of getting more opps. In fact, this lucky 7's is making me so excited taking one of the opps. Anyway, with the money that PayPerPost raised, it could help a lot of people, like us here, I need more opps. And others in need, like some should go to a charity, or for a good cause. More power to the PPP, I am glad I get to be apart of the excitement that I am making some money, too. Yahoo!!! PPP rocks! Surely, this "blog outreach" is making a lot of people happy like me here. I can't wait to post more, and make more money. So, keep them coming PPP! Thanks for making it possible for us to make extra money. I really do appreciate such opportunity. Great job! I love PPP. And you know, I am planning to make this PPP thing my regular job, and will post as many opps as I can to be able to generate some money for my daily needs especially when I am going to have my baby soon. As for the PPP funding, it's really amazing they have that much in funding, the PPP will really accelerate then. I think it's great, it will bring more opps and well, more extra money for all the posties. I hope it will last for years to come so I won't have to worry about getting a job any sooner. Good luck to the PPP!
Press Release:
The PayPerPost Revolution Accelerates, Sponsored
Blogging Marketplace Secures $7 Million Series B

Draper Fisher Jurvetson leads round and joins Board of Directors

ORLANDO, FL – (June 12, 2007) – PayPerPost, the leading marketplace for advertisers to reach bloggers and other consumer content creators, today announced it has completed a $7 million second round investment led by Draper Fisher Jurvetson, an investor in the company's Series A and one of the world’s leading high-technology venture capital firms. The financing brings the total amount of capital raised by PayPerPost to over $10 million, giving the company considerable resources for further development as the industry’s leading Consumer Generated Advertising marketplace. Additional participants in the round include existing investors Inflexion Partners and Village Ventures as well as new investor DFJ Gotham. With this investment, DFJ Managing Director Josh Stein also joins PayPerPost’s Board of Directors.

“PayPerPost created this exciting new advertising space and has established itself as the industry leader,” said Ted Murphy, chief executive officer of PayPerPost. “Although we’ve only used a portion of our first round capital, this added support from investors unlocks significant growth potential. Our content creator and advertiser ROI metrics clearly demonstrate the upside for PayPerPost’s model. We intend to use this capital to build the infrastructure, visibility and professional expertise necessary to reach and retain a greater network of advertisers and content creators than ever before.”

Since its founding in June of 2006, PayPerPost has signed more than 6,500 advertisers to its groundbreaking service, which has enabled Consumer Content Creators to be compensated for their efforts discussing specific companies, products or services via blogs, videos or other media. The content creators are required to disclose relationships with advertisers on their blog, providing transparency for the end reader. Over 125,000 Internet postings, most in the form of blogs, have already earned money for their creators through PayPerPost’s innovative marketplace. PayPerPost recently released PayPerPost Direct, a disruptive new service that allows advertisers to contract and negotiate directly with individual bloggers they identify through a safe, managed system.

“PayPerPost has laid a strong foundation for the future,” noted Tim Draper, founder and managing director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson. “It continues to attract a critical mass of participants from both the advertising and blogging communities. Analogous to Overture’s sponsored search model, we believe PayPerPost’s business model holds disruptive potential and will enable the company to thrive in the evolving paid-content arena.”

To mark the $7 million dollar funding, PayPerPost has launched a new website detailing the company’s service offering at Bloggers and advertisers can easily sign up at the site and begin leveraging the self service marketplace.

Monday, June 11, 2007

" Here's some pictures "

Hi everyone, I hope you will enjoy all the pictures I share here, because I like to share them you know. I just hope nobody laughs at me or us...LOL. I am just proud of my family you know. And well, it will help me keep track of my little girl here, that my family will also be able to see her grow. She is such a cutie, and sharing her pictures makes me happy. Okay, till here for now, I am busy all the time now. Our Sarah needs to go outside and play, we hang out often outside to get some fresg air. Good for me eh.

" Sarah "

" Me and Sarah "

" Me and Sarah eating at the Olive Garden "

" Whole family "

I save money using coupons...

I can't believe that I can actually find money saving coupons online for shopping at my favorite stores. So now, I can save money when I go shopping. Anyway, let me share with you these money saving coupons, you can find them at coupon codes. And you know I spotted some coupons to use when I shop at Target, so I am glad because I usually like to shop there especiallly for the things that I can only find at such a store. Isn't that nice that we can save a few dollars?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

I met Roger's chinese friend

" Me and Sarah with Junli "

" Me and Junli "

We went to town today just to meet Roger's chinese friend and after that we went to eat lunch at the Olive Garden. Her name is Junli Wei. She came from China and she's a teacher. She's been in this country for 3 months now. She works at the same School where my husband's works. She's teaching Chinese to high school and middle school students but I don't think I wanna learn chinese language lol. Anyway, she's a nice girl and she said she's willing to watch Sarah sometimes for us if we'll go shopping and if she's available. ok this is all for today. Bye and have a nice weekend everyone. I took some pictures with her and I will post it tomorrow ok.


My husband and I met online through a similar website like "". Anyway, it is so common nowadays to meet a soulmate online. And this free online "dating" site is one that I would refer my single friends to, to check out because it is free and very easy and convenient for them. All they have to do is just say "hi". So how easy is that? Anyway, if you are single be sure to check it out, as perhaps you will find your other half through "justsayhi". It's free, and well, it wouldn't hurt to try it. If you have friends, why not then spread the word.


I found a new online auction game that my husband and I would enjoy playing, especially when we can win a cash prize. What a nice auction game, I would say.
Anyway, I looked to see what kind of prizes we could win, and I spotted a new BMW car which would be so nice for me to win, because I need a car of my own. I have been taking driving classes, and if I do win, it would be perfect for me to own.
How about you, would you like to become a bid4prizes member and win those great prizes? You can have free gifts, and enter to win for a sweepstake, too. At bid4prizes, those who can place the lowest and unique bids are the ones that wins the prizes. It is a game that does not require anyone to buy or purchase anything but simply become a member and bid for real prizes.

Friday, June 08, 2007

" Sarah's sick this morning "

Sarah was a little sick this morning when she woke up. She was hot and she was always crying-crying and wants to be held. I tried to feed her the baby food but she didn't eat it. So I gave her some Jellyace because I know she likes eating jelly very much. I am glad she ate it, but the bad thing was she threw up after she ate. I couldn't figure out why she became sick this morning all I know is I fed her a lot of yogurt last night and she was fine after we put her in bed. Just this morning she bacame a little sick. I am wondering if the yogurt made her sick this morning or sometimes we just become sick. Thanks to God it seems like she's fine now or she's feeling much better. Anyway, while Sarah was sleeping my husband and I are working on painting our house this afternoon. We stopped just at the right time because Sarah woke up just when we stopped. We still have one or two more days work though to complete the job. She's so a very good girl for giving me time to help her Daddy in painting our house. The work will be faster and easier for my husband if I can help him. He's still off from work because of his hand surgery and he can't use his left hand very much for painting. I also want him to have time to rest and relax some during his time off and not to work all the time on our house. Ok guys till next time have a great day.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


We went to the Doctor yesterday to have the stitches removed from my husbands hand surgery. His hand is more comfortable to move around now it is not painful anymore, and he's helping me now to lift up Sarah not like before he couldn't help me and that was hard for me to lift Sarah always especially because I am pregnant. It's hard for me to bend over and moved around. They took his stitches out already but they gave him some excercise to do for his hand. They said his hand will be improving and should be good for him to return to work in July.


What a fun game to play for men or boys, that is. My brothers and cousins would love to get a hold of these paintball guns. They would have so much fun playing them. Sure, when I was growing up, my brothers could only have the not even the next best thing to these paintball that is popular to play these days especially in such a modern world. Anyway, I know that a lot of people would be interested to look into this paintball gear for a present or gift purposes. Perhaps, for a son, nephew's birthday, one would certainly have a ball with playing it. So, be sure to check out the website for discounts, or money saving deals. You will find a perfect presents there for a loved one. It is fun, so what one could possibly ask for.

One last one...

I'll post one last post for today as I am max out for the day at the "PPP". Anyway, this blog advertising is fun, but sure, I have trouble and learning my way. Luckily for me, I have my sister Ana who is giving me a hand here. Actually doing all that I needed to have my posts done just right. So, there is no trouble at all. How nice to have her.

Night vision...

There is this website for night vision equipments, and I am curious what I can find, to maybe give to my relatives that would be interested in one or two "night vision" items. Because it wasn't that long ago that my beloved uncle was brutally murdered, so I think it would be sensible if my people will have one of these items for protection against those bad guys that surrounds our place. I want to make sure my family is well protected and will have a fighting chance when it comes to defending themselves. My uncles sometimes will have to walk a long way home, so perhaps, they need some of those nigh vision googles.

The weather today...

My, it is such a nice weather outside, so I take Sarah out to get some fresh air. We hang out all the time now, since I love to see my gardens. Anyway, Sarah is a really good girl. Imagine she sleeps on her own now, in her room and early, which gives me more time to do what I am doing here. Isn't that nice?

Online Game Show...

There is this online game show at "", it is a sweepstake only with a twist it says. Anyway, I will check it out and see if I can win an item. It would be nice if I do, especially if it is a video camera, because I really need one in time for me to give birth. I want to capture the special moments. So, I will enter to win something at whogets. And oh, be sure to visit the site if you are interested!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

"My sister is getting married "

My sister Gemma is getting married and her prince came to Philippines to meet her and to marry her. My mother said they just finished taking their family planning seminar and now they're just waiting ten days and they will get married. Imagine how happy she is spending the next ten days with the one she loves with all her heart and then to marry him. Then once she has her visa he will carry her away to his home in America to make their happy family together. All her dreams and wishes are coming true. I am so happy for her. She finally found her soulmate at last. I love so much to see the happiness of all my family and God is so good to answer all our prayers for my sisters joy. I will post some pic's of them later.

Score Learning...

I am so glad to have found this website where I can look into what program I will need in the future when our daughter is going to school. In a few years, our daughter will be going to school, and a good thing is that I can find the right program to teach her in time for her to go to school. In fact, there are "Math Tutors" for those in need who needs math tutoring. I know that for some kids math is the hardest subject to face, because I had trouble myself, when I was in school.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"Just got home "

We just got home from my prenatal checkup. My weight is 114 pounds now. I just gained 4 pounds this time. Last time I gained 9 pounds that was big but now just 4lb. It's not very much is it? The Doctor said that everything is good for me and our baby. My weight, my pee, my pulse, my blood and the heart beat of our baby all sounds good. Everything is perfect. Today I took my glucose test and they said we can call them tomorrow to ask the results. I hope my test won't turn to negative because I just ate pancakes this morning and that was sweet. My Doctor gave me my next appointment for Ultrasound test again and it will be on june 11th, 2007. They wanted to see the face part of our baby and then his legs. We hope and praying that he is healthy and perfect baby like Sarah. Ok babbuh na muna & take care.

The newest gadget from Meade...

Now, this is indeed the newest gadget around for everyone who just loves star gazing. Even I love it, as I used to star gazing at home, at night the sky looks so pretty with all the twinkling stars I can see. My, if you look at the sky at night, it looks as if it is diamond studded, so beautiful. So, with this new gadget, one can never go wrong with purchasing it, to guide them with seeing the most beautiful view of the sky which are the stars that fascinates all of us on this planet. It would be great if I can buy one of these "meade telescopes", perhaps I'll give one to my brother in law who enjoys watching the night sky. My sister told me he loves doing that, so it would make a perfect gift for him. Don't you think?

It's June...

It's almost Sarah's birthday. Soon, we will celebrate for her 1st birthday. Wow, she is a big girl already. She is growing amazingly. Getting really active, my it's getting harder chasing her around. She is heavy now, for me, as you know my belly is big now, too, so I am having a difficult time moving around a lot. Anyway, I thought I'd jot down for my one last post for the day. Have a nice day, everyone!

I'm loving the PPP...

I am loving the "PPP" already, because I get to make money. Yes, I will finally have extra money. And you know, if my earnings are big enough soon, I am planning to purchase a video camera, hopefully just in time for my second baby's birth. I want to capture the special moments. It's too bad we didn't have one from the very start. Anyway, PPP is going to give me a way to make it happen, I will finally be able to buy the things I have only imagined before. So, I am so glad I have PPP now to count on making my extra money. What I love about PPP is, of course, the fact that I can actually earn real money, and spend it however I want. So far, I haven't earned a lot, but starting, and little by little my money will accomulate. This is, after all, only my second post ever, today is my first day! My, isn't this "blog marketing" just exciting? I am so happy that I finally can blog for "PPP".


The weather is getting a little chilly again. Whoa! It's like verr Spring still isn't it? Anyway, I love to go outside and hang out at my garden. I have both three different garden, a vegetable garden, fruit garden, and flower garden. All my vegetables are growing beautifully. I can't wait for the harvest time...hehehe.

The launch of PPP Direct!

I am so happy that I can finally do the paid blogging like my sister is doing. This will certainly give me extra money. Anyway, I like the new feature; "PPP Direct". Now, that will certainly give me more opportunity here. Well, that is if I get lucky enough with those advertisers wanting me to blog about their products. Hopefully they will, because you know, I need extra money, especially now that I am pregnant again with this new baby on the way. My, this new way to make money is getting me very excited, and can't wait to make my earnings. There is no better way to make money that this, that I "get paid to blog. Other money making sites can't compete at all, because "PPP" has it all, offering big money for opportunities, then I read about "1K Tuesdays", now I will try for that today, I might get luck you know. The "PPP" has no competition in my opinion because they stand alone, since they are the one that seem to offer good benefits and like everyone of us likes, good paying opps. So, wow, that is so exciting, and waiting for new available opps is absolutely a thrill. The cool thing about "PPP" is that I don't need to wait a long time to make a posts, I can pick them. How convenient. I like this new way to make money.

Monday, June 04, 2007

" Today "

My husband was planning to paint our house but since it was raining earlier and cold he couldn't do it. We cooked out though this afternoon. Guess what happend he burned our sausages lol, because he was checking his email while he was cooking. He did two things at the same time and because it is very windy outside our food became burned so easy and fast. When he came back outside to check the food the half part of our sausages was already burned hahaha, but luckily, my chicken was not burn it turned out very good. Just the sausages became burned because they're smaller than the chicken and they are easy and fast to be cooked. My husband ate the burned sausages and I ate the chicken lol. We have a doctor appt. tomorrow and I think they will tell me the time of my next ultrasound test so I will tell you later when they want to check our baby again. We are hoping this time they can see everything and we are praying that our baby will be healthy. Ok guys this is it for now. Goodnight.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

" Sunday "

Hi guys, today is sunday and we are going to church. We are getting ready to get dressed and then leave. I wanna say bye for now so that I can be ready on time and we won't be late to Church because last sunday we were late and we don't want to be late again hehehe. That was our first time to be late for Church and that was ashamed. There's a saying that it's better to be late than not to go to Church at all, right? ok till next time. Take care and enjoy your day.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

" On Friday "

Yesterday was friday but we were able to go shopping because my husband's is off work now from School and he will be going back this fall. He has to go back to work in his night time job though, after his hand will be compltely healed. This coming Wensday he is going back to the Doctor to have his stitches removed. His hand is really healing well now but still painful a little bit. I'm glad he won't be suffering the numbness in his hand anymore. Anyway, the nurse of my Doctor called and said that they want me to have another ultrasound again because they couldn't see his face and one leg very well. She said that everything looks ok to him but they just couldn't see his face and one leg very well so they want to try the test again. In fact, Aaron was very active and moving a lot in my stomach when the lady was doing the ulrasound for me and maybe that's one of the reasons why they couldn't see everything they wanted. This coming june 5th I have Doctor's appointment for prenatal check up and maybe they can tell us when I will have the ultrasound again. I'm glad I'm going to have the ultrasound test again that way we can see Aaron again and be very certain he is healthy. Sometimes it is just a hassle for me to go back there because it takes half hour drive for us to go there to Carle clinic. It's ok though, there's nothing we can do but just follow what the Doctor says for us to do. Ok guys c u. later. Take care and God Bless.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Heres the other pic's

They are all Roger's family but the one who is holding Sarah is Roger's father.