Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy 2008!

New Year 2008 Glitter Comment Graphics

New Year 2008 Graphics

Hello everyone, happy 2008. Hope this new year 2008 will brings us all some good luck and give us all some blessings, good health, good physical and mental condition and some money LOL. Hope all our plans and dreams will come true. God guide and bless us all. Again Happy 2008 or Happy New Year's Eve. Enjoy and be happy!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

We went to olive garden restaurant

This afternoon we went to eat at olive garden restaurant and here I took some pictures of us. Maybe you wonder why it's almost pictures I posted here. Well, I am just in a good mood to take some photos and post it here in my blog. Nothing much opps so I think this is the right time to download some photos and share it with you. Ok guys, ah till next time. Good night! Hope you enjoy the pic's.

Aaron in his car seat

Sarah and her Daddy in front of olive garden restaurant Christmas tree.

Sarah and Me. I cut my bangs and it looks funny I think because it's unstraight and it's standing LOL.

Sarah and her Grandpa coloring the book while we were waiting our foods to come

They're eating me I was the photographer to them hehe.

Anyway, these are the things I got on Christmas. The watch from my dear husband and the make up set my my sister in law. Then $50 cash from my father in law. I didn't take a pic of $50 because I know you know what is the $50 look like don't you? LOL.

It's a gold watch citizen eco-drive.

Make up set.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Our trip to Bloomington

This is what inside our hotel room.

Fire place & flat screen TV on the top

Eaten table

Couch with Aaron sitting on it


Then this is Sarah and Aaron sitting on the couch

Sarah,Aaron & me on the pool

Sarah, Aaron & me again

Sarah & her Dad

Sarah & her Dad again we were all having fun and good time there. Anyway, we're back home just this afternoon at 2:00 o'clock. Well, about our trip there to Bloomington it was good. We had some fun there I wouldn't say a lot because we didn't go out a lot we just stayed in our hotel room most of the time. We went swimming in the hotel pool with our kids. Oh! I was so lazy to go out all I did there was just eat, watched tv, sleep, watch our babies, and PPP LOL. Well, it was our two days vacation there but we didn't roam around there a lot because we preferred to just stay in our room and relax. They had such a pretty fire place in our room with a big flat screen TV above the fire place. There was a very pretty snow outside with big snow flakes falling. It was so good to just stay there in our room. We just bought some foods to eat and brought it in our room we haven't been to any restaurants there in Bloomington. As I saw they have just the same kind of restaurants we got here like red lobsters, chinese buffet, olive garden, ruby tuesday, burger king and more. We went shopping there at the mall in Blomington on our way back home. Wow! they have so many on sales and not only them but everywhere. Well, I found some very good deals there on their clothes and I purchased some night gowns for Sarah, some baby bibs for Aaron and Sarah then two T-shirts for me. I already shopped or spent a lot of money before Christmas but it wasn't enough I shopped again today and spent some money. For me shopping is endless as long as I'm alive and have money to use to spend LOL. Shopping is my favorite thing to do and I can't stop myself from buying things I like to buy or to have when we go shopping. I am also addicted of shopping besides computer hehe. Anyway, here's the pictures I took to our trip in bloomington. Hope you enjoy. Anyway, I still have some pic's to share and I'll try to download them any day this week. Ok guys, this is it for now. Have a good night!


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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Guess what music I love?

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I love music especially love songs and other kind of music that's nice to listen. I hate rock songs basta tanan nga mga lain nga music di ko ganahan lol.

Search Engine

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We got here yesterday afternoon

We arrived here in the hotel yesterday about 3:30 o'clock in the afternoon. This hotel named suites hotel ireland. We like this hotel it's nice it has fire place, stove and oven, silver wares, plates, eaten table, refrigerator, two extra tables, two TV and a pool. Our room is very comfortable it has a big space and it's like two rooms in in here. Anyway, we went swimming this morning and we enjoyed it but my the pool is on the other building otherwise it's outside our room building. We have to go outside and walk to get there and this is the part we didn't like much because we have to go out from the building where we're staying and go to the pool. But we all had fun swimming Sarah cried at first but Aaron no he never cried. He was maybe cold but he never cried when we were swimming in the pool. He and Sarah like swimming in the pool just for the first time she cried but later on she learned to like it and when we were going to leave from the pool she was fighting on me because she didn't want to leave LOL. She really likes to swim or play in the pool after a while we were there but we didn't want to stay longer because I felt hungry. My breakfast wasn't much so I felt hungry so soon. We have free breakfast in the morning but I didn't like much their breakfast. They didn't have much food or choices for breakfast so I just ate small amount. I am so picky sometimes during breakfast.

You know th rason why we came to stay here in the hotel? It's becaus we ant to have two days vacation and so that we can enjoy and do anything we want. But last night Sarah gave us a hard time she couldn't sleep until about 12pm. And so me and my husband Srah was scared to sleep so I stayed in bed with her but still she couldn't sleep she keeps waking up and watch me if I'm still in bed next to her. Aaron was crying too with his dad so I got up and make him quite, and since Sarah wasn't sleeping yet she got up too and came to us. She couldn't sleep without me besides her. I think she was scared to sleep and to be leave. She's unaccustomed here in the hotel but thankfully she feel asleep before 1 o'clock at night. And the good thing is she and Aaron are taking a nap right now while I'm playing on the computer and my hubby went out to buy foods for our dinner. Well, tomorrow is our last day here in the hotel we have to check out at noon and maybe go shopping on the way back home. We couldn't go shopping yesterday because it was late to go shopping and today we went swimming and we just want to spend our whole day and night here inside our room. Ok guys, till next time babub na muna. I took sme pic'c but I forgot to bring the usb cable. I can't download the pictres without it so I might share the pictures with you that we took when we get back home.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

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Busy packing

Today is Wednesday. The Christmas is over and the next is gonna be Valentines day hehe. Anyway, we didn't go to the hotel during Christmas day we waited after Christmas and today is the day for us to go to the hotel to enjoy our time without doing any work besides swimming, shopping, eating or PPP LOL. Well, right now we are eating breakfast and I need to be hurry because I have a lot of packing to do yet and I need to finish the opps I just grabbed LOL. So, bye for now have a nice wednesday!!!

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

*Some new photos of my two kids*

*Aaron with Santa Claus*

*Aaron with Santa Claus*

*Sarah with Santa Claus*

*Sarah & Aaron with Santa Claus*

*Again Aaron & Sarah with Santa Claus*

*Sarah's trying to drive the car toy*

*Trying to hide from camera*

*Me with both of my kids*

*Sarah sitting on the chair inside the barber shop at the mall*

Hello guys, how are you? Hope everything is good. Merry Christmas to all. Anyway, these are our new photos. I know it was bad weather on sunday because it was very cold and windy but we didn't care about the weather. We went to the Mall just to have Sarah and Aaron's picture taken with Santa LOL. But it was worth it I got some good pictures of them, and oh! look at them they look so very pretty and adorable. I can't imagine how lucky I am to have our beautiful babies. We took so many pictures of them and I made a video of them too with Santa. We have also made some prints in frames for us to keep and to give away to my sister in law and my father in law. It's one of our presents for them some pictures of Sarah and Aaron. I'm sure they're going be happy and amazed when they see Sarah and Aaron's pictures hehe. I think I took a very good pictures of them and thankfully they cooperated on Sunday to have a picture taken with Santa. Aaron never cried when I handed him to Santa but Sarah cried at first and glad she stopped after a while.

We had fun shopping on saturday, it was very crowded there at the mall but I did bear it so I could buy everything I needed. Glad I had enough money to pay for all the stuff I bought. My hubby paid for some stuff too for our kids and he bought me a nice real gold watch as his Christmas gift to me. Me I bought him two pants, jacket and cologne for Christmas. Well, at last it's Christmas day so again Merry Christmas to all.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Tomorrow is our shopping day

We are going shopping tomorrow for christmas gifts and maybe grocery. I'll try to finish my shopping for christmas gifts tomorrow and hopefully I could get it done before christmas. It's like we have so much stuff to buy and many stores to go to because all the things we want to buy is not all in one store. But in many different stores so maybe it will take us whole day to shop tomorrow. Well, I like shopping it's fun and it's one of my favorite thing to do. So, I don't care how long it takes us to shop tomorrow. As long as our babies will remain quite and ok. I'll shop as long as I want too and until I'm done. Ok folks I won't make it long. Good night and have a great weekend!!!

Want to see Jonny's Deep movies?

Talking about movie I always watch some good movies. In fact, I saw some of Jonny Deep's movies, one that made me scared a bit was the Ninth Gate, and this new movie sounds like a very interesting one as well. I would want to see it when it comes on. It reminds me of a few movies Jonny Deep's made before. I also like the Pirate of the Caribbeans. He was good, and I am sure in new movie that is coming up he is at his best. My I'm so very excited to watch it but I should prepare myself too from any scary scene I could see. For me, the people who used bolo or knife to kill a person is the most scary. Also the movies about vampire, dracula and witch these are the movies like I considered the most scary movies. But, if they just use something like guns to fight it won't make me scared because this kind of weapon I usually see when I watch movies. Anyway, the movie I watch over and over is called brave heart. I liked the character of this movie but it's kind of sad movie at the end. Well, for me I think the revenge is the answer of guilt but we should not do the revenge if there's a law that can arrest them and put them in jail, because if we base in the law of God we should not kill cause it's against to God's law. Ops, if you guys want to see or know more informations about Jonny's deep you should visit the official Sweeney Todd movie site and also visit Sweeney Todd on MySpace.

Love the result!

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I got another tagged from my nice friend Francine. Thanks for tagging me always Drai Francine. Sorry, I have no any tag to give you right now.
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Thursday, December 20, 2007


Today is thursday one more day and it's gonna be weekend again, and Christmas is getting too close. Ho ho ho! four more days and it's gonna be christmas yeahey! Are you guys happy that it's gonna be christmas after four days? If you ask me absolutely yes I'm happy and excited. This christmas we are going to stay at the hotel for just two days. You know why? it's because we want to go for swim at hotel inside pool LOL. Gosh! it's been a while now that we haven't gone for swimming. The summer is now completely gone and we couldn't go swimming during the summer even one time to the pool because we can hardly find a pool here to go for swim. If there are pools to go to in Champaign we just don't know where they belong. Anyway, about the presents I want to give away. I'm almost done shopping for it all I need to buy is for my husband, father in law, for my kids and for myself. But, it won't take so long because if we go shopping this weekend. I'll try to buy them all and make them complete so that I won't have problem after all. About our christmas tree it's up now but it looks funny because Sarah. Took all the christmas decorations on the part of christmas tree that she could reach. She tried to bite them maybe she thought they were food or fruits hanging on the tree. She broke some of them by biting, squeezing and throwing them on our concrete floor and on our wood table. I kept and cared them for a long time but Sarah just broke most of them. Hay what a waste! so now we have only few christmas decorations left hanging on our christmas tree LOL. and im not gonna buy some if Sarah is just going to break them. I'm just wasting money if I do so better not. I'll wait until she becomes big and can understand everything before I'll buy some more christmas decorations. Opps! it's like I'm writing a book now ah. So I better say bye for now. Have a great weekend ahead everyone!!!

A beautiful and perfect places to go for Valentines day

It won't be long then it's gonna be Valentines again. I like valentines, there's a saying about valentines that valentines day is the day of love is it true? Anyway, I love spending more time with my loved one during valentines. In fact, we are planning to take a break or vacation this coming valentines day. Good thing I already found a website where we could rent a holiday rental property.

If we decide to take a vacation this coming valentines? I'd like us to have a Valentine's break to Paris. Paris is one of my dream place to go as I've seen on tv and heard from people paris is a very beautiful and exciting place to go. Then if we have some extra money to spend and enjoy, I'd also like us to have A romantic Valentine's holiday to Lake Como, Italy. This place is quite simply, the most beautiful, peaceful and romantic spot in the whole of Italy. Wow! it sounds very nice and perfect place to go for valentines day. I'm sure we gonna have so much fun and good valentines day. If we decide to take a trip their this coming valentines. My I'm so very excited I can't wait to tell my husband about this two beautiful
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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My blog rating!

I got tagged again by my friend Francine. Thanks a bunch Francine. Well, my blog rating is G but I don't know what this mean. If anybody out there know what G means is could you just please tell me about it? LOL. I really don't know about it and I would appreciate it if there's somebody could tell me what G means. I just took this quiz but I don't know anything about it. Well, it was just a easy test all I did is just typed my web address in the box and submit that was it.hehe

Lets101 Quizzes - Blog Quizzes

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This is our house

Close up picture of our house

This is our house and this is the front view. I just wanted to show the front view because this is one of important to see right? When we look at the house we usually see the front first before the other parts of the house isn't it? Anyway, we can sell our house for $190,000 and right now my father in law is trying to do some work on it because we are going to sell it or put it in the market as soon as we get done all the works we need to do. We still shopping for houses last week we visited three houses and we found a new one we like. It's a huge house it's 400,000 square feet. It has more than 3 bed rooms, one hot tub, one big nice kitchen, but only one car garage LOL. It's near by the lake and it has a nice big land and big space inside the house. We really like it all. But my, it's $243,000 hehe. Our price range is not that big LOL. But if we can't find another house we like we might find a way to buy it. Bisag maputo pa LOL. Jokes lang oy naku! Bahalag magpabilin mi dire sa amon ginapuy-an karon ok lang basta di ra mi maputo. Do you agree? Have a great day!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Good loan service site

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Planning to buy a laptop computer

I'm planning to buy a laptop computer for me this Christmas. My husband said we are half with the price of the laptop computer I gonna buy. I'm looking for the laptop comp that just worth $1,000. I want the 17 inches laptop comp any brand as long as I can do blogging, download pictures, do email and chat. I want to have a laptop computer because I can carry it in our bed room when I wanna lie down or go somewhere. I hope we can find the laptop computer that not too expensive because I really want to have my own laptop computer. Last week I borrowed my husband's laptop computer but he took it back now. He took it at work with him so I don't have laptop comp here now that I could use when I wanna stay in our bed room and watch opps and do some other stuff. Ok guys ah, it's getting late here now so bye for now good night!

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