Friday, January 09, 2009

I couldn't get enough sleep

Lat night I chatted with my mother and sister for long hours; we talked about their life, our life, etc. Boy, it took us so long talking and it was about 11:00 PM at night until we got done talking. It was kinda very late for my bed time because I usually go to bed at 9:00 PM at night. Sometimes 10:00 PM and the latest is 11:00 PM but I am glad I stayed up and talked to them last night because I was enjoying our Anyway, I went to bed late last night and guess what? I couldn't fall asleep until my eyes hurt because of trying hard to fall asleep, then my head ache. What a pain! Whatever I tried I couldn't fall asleep until my husband got home from work. Although I didn't lose my hope I tried and tried again and thankfully I fell asleep and was able to get a small sleep before the kids woke up this morning. Today I will try to take a nap because I really didn't get enough sleep last night. Ok guys, have a wonderful Friday!


G said...

you are married woman, i couldn't believe when your husband came up then you still don't get fall asleep...??? When he arrived, you should know better than me how to get sleepy... do it.. after... trust me..
what are you guys doin' then that nite...??? nothin'?? GOSH!!!

ok ok ok . . . just kidding... :)

anaps said...

Ahahaha...ka kaladlawan pod sine nga comment di ba. Nalingaw ang tawo kay lagi data ta ka naka sleep kay may bana...LOL.

anaps said...

Ahahaha...ka kaladlawan pod sine nga comment di ba. Nalingaw ang tawo kay lagi data ta ka naka sleep kay may bana...LOL.

Nor said...

Oo man ka funny sa tawo lol...bay-e da sya la ko gasapak..hehehe

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