Monday, May 04, 2009

I love Roses

Roses are beautiful and it smells good too I love it. In fact, I spent a lot of money last year to buy some roses to plant. I bought about 3 different kinds of roses with different colors. I was only able to buy 3 roses because they were so very costly and they were already blooming. I bought them from Prairie Garden; Prairie Garden is my favorite place to shop for flowers and Christmas decor. I think they have the prettiest flowers and Christmas decor I've ever seen. Prairie is an expensive place to shop but they are nice I love shopping from them. Anyway, this rose in the pic is not mine it is from the website. I grabbed it since my topic here is about rose’s ahaha. Hmmmm...I can't wait for my roses to be blooming soon. I am sure they are going to be very pretty this year.


sweete said...

so sweet roses

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Beautiful flower! I like rose too. Hope you can plant them well.

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