Friday, May 18, 2007

" I have planted all my vegetables, corn and flowers

Last few days I have been very busy planting all my vegetables, corn and flowers. We have two gardens, one for flowers and the other for vegetables. I am glad we have a vegetable garden and flower garden going now. I know its easy just to buy vegetables in the store but it's much better if we have a vegetable garden and eat fresh right? At last I am done planting. All I'm doing now is watering them everyday so that they won't die because of the very hot weather here sometimes. Since yesterday until now it's a little cold here maybe because we just got rains on Tuesday strange how the weather can change so much this spring. You know it's gonna be summer soon and I like summer because I don't like the cold weather and I can always go out the house, go shopping and we also cook out every weekend. During winter time I hated it because I can hardly go out the house to do what I want like shopping. I am so afraid to go out in the cold when I'm pregnant. Now, I think it's my time to be out always and enjoy as much as I can with this warm pretty weather. It's really a little cold in here today but not too bad. My husband's friend envited us to come over to there house at maybe 5:00pm tonight to cook and have dinner with them. So we will go there for sure hehehe. It's been a long time now that we haven't seen each other and I'm sure they want to see and play with Sarah. I going to bring our camera to take some pictures to post maybe in my next post ok? Good bye for now and have a good day. Talk with you in my next post.