Thursday, July 03, 2008

I couldn't fall back to sleep

Last night I went to bed after 9pm but I couldn't fall asleep until 10pm. After that I don't know what happened maybe I fell asleep. My husband got back home from work about 1:30am in the morning, so I woke up to talk to him and snuggled for a while. After we talked and snuggled we slept again, but too bad I wasn't able to fall back to sleep. There was so many different things in my mind huh, my body wanted to sleep but my mind didn't want to lol. I was just laying down next to my husband and baby but I wasn't sleeping. My mind was wide awake and thinking about anything. But, I think I finally fell back to sleep about 5am in the morning then woke up about 7am. I really couldn't sleep well last night but hey we're planning to go fishing today if it won't rain. Right now, it looks so cloudy and sprinkling outside and according to my husband it's cold out. So, we'll wait and see if we can go fishing today or not.