Friday, July 11, 2008

We went to the doctor yesterday

Yesterday Sarah and Aaron had doctor's appointment. Just for regular check up, glad Sarah gained some weight. But, too bad Aaron still couldn't gain a lot of weight, his weight is smaller than it is suppose to be for his age. According to the doctor his weight is small but not too small just average. She said not to worry because children vary in their growth. Hay, it makes me worry more about him because he is not gaining weight as fast as we want. I'm trying my best to take care of him, feed him well. But, sometimes he is just a picky eater he won't eat a lot and he always fight with me when I feed him. I tell you what, I don't have this problem before with Sarah. It's true that she became a picky eater too and didn't like to eat baby food but it didn't continue. She got over it after a few months. Anyway, everything went well yesterday except Aaron's weight is small. But, hopefully he will be able to gain some weight eventually. The doc said we can feed him real food now to since he likes it and maybe that will solve the problem.