Saturday, September 20, 2008

How would you consolidate debt?

If you are looking to consolidate debts and want to know what is the best option for your situation, make sure you do your homework. When you look to consolidate debt you have many options, from services like debt management, debt settlement, or credit counseling to debt consolidation loans and mortgage refinancing. Typically, you should look at how much you can afford a month and what your credit rating is. If you can afford to make your payments and have equity in your home, then look to consolidate debts with a loan or refi. If you can afford 2.5% of the face value of your debts, then look to credit counseling. If you have impaired credit and want the lowest payment, then seek debt settlement providers. Then one thing you should do is saving money because saving money is always good and it is very important for any of us. Just in case wen have emergency need so we have own own money to use without borrowing it from other people. For me the best option to consolidate debt is the Debt Management Program because this is a program that consolidates your debts, often with no interest. Like for example you make one payment to the program, and it distributes the money to your creditors. For more information and details visit the site


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