Thursday, November 13, 2008

Can't finish remodelling their house

We and sis.Ana have been sending a lot of money to our parents back home to pay their bills monthly and we bought them a house. We gave them some extra money too to remodel the house we just bought for them because it has so much to fix. They have been working a lot on it and I think they've done some works but it's not all done. There are still some parts of the house that needed to be fixed and of course it needs some money to buy all the equipment they need. But unfortunately we're out of money now to send them to finish remodeling the house. Certainly we have a big debt because my husband bought a new laptop computer too that I think worth $2,400.

I and sis.Ana can't certainly afford to continue sending our parents money because we're really2x broke now. Sadly they can't finish remodeling the house as quick as they thought it would be. Anyway, glad they got that house they've have been wishing to have. It won't be finish remodeling quickly but its ok we'll try to save some money or be out of our debt. So we can help them again. Happy Friday!