Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What a mess!

I have been helping my father in law cleaning his house upstairs because it was very messy. Huh! I don't know why it was so very dusty and messy ahahaha, but anyway we cleaned it up. I and Sarah have helped him and we just got done cleaning it all. Boy it was a job my father in law said thanks to me he couldn't done it without me helping him lol. He sounds and looks so very happy when he said thanks to me for helping him. Sarah has helped him too but you know just a little I did most of the cleaning. Oh well I move faster than him because I am younger and he is older. So, of course I accomplished a lot than him.

After cleaning my kids were so very tired and sleepy and my they're both sleeping pretty good in our bed while me is playing here on my computer. I am tired and I should take a nap too with them. But since I grabbed one opp I will do it and maybe take a nap after I get done. Ok this is all for now may you have a great tuesday.