Sunday, April 22, 2007

We bought a new TV

On last saturday we went shopping for a TV and other things. First we went to the Pilipino store to buy a few things we needed. I boughto frozen ripe bananas (saba), cassava suman or alope, native rice cake and some nooddles. Oh man, I miss Pilipino foods but I can't go back to Philippines right now for a visit because as you know I'm pregnant with our second baby and Sarah is not big enough for me to leave her here when I go visit to philippines. Well I guess I just need to wait untill our second baby will be born and they become big.

Next we went to Kohls store to shop for clothes. I bought three things, a gorgeous night gown, a short dress and just some socks for Sarah. I couldn't find any good stuff for her. They had a lot of choices there but I thought they were not to pretty, lol. I like to shop in Kohls store though because I can find cheaper prices there sometimes, hehehe. While I was shopping in Kohls store my husband went to diferrent stores to find and check the prices of the TV. I think he went to 3 or 4 stores. He spent a lot of time shopping for a Tv and he said he enjoyed it. When he found the Tv he likes he called me and told me about it. I said ok that's good I wanna see it. So he came back to Kolhs store to pick me up and Sarah then we went back together to Sam's store. He showed me the Tv he picked and oh it's pretty cool TV I tell you. We both like it so we bought it immediately on that day. It's a flat screen TV, 1080 HD, LCD. It worth 2,700 dollars. Very expensive but if we want a very nice TV this is how much we need to spend, hehehe. Well we are very happy to have it and glad we bought it.

Anyway we went shopping at the Mall yesterday. In JC penney they had sales also Macy's but I wasn't able to shop in Macy's yesterday because I just focused myself to shop in JC penney and went to the food court to eat lunch after shopping. Yesterday I found a good pretty dress with a better price. I bought her four pairs of cloths with the price of $6.49 and $6.99 each. I think it was a good deal for pretty brand new clothes. We had to go back to the mall today because we had to return one of Sarah's dress outfits that was missing the shorts. I took some time to shop for another outfit for Sarah and found and even better deal on shorts with two shirts for 5.99. My husband liked it too so we bought it. Then we went to Macy's store but all I found there to buy were some new head bands. There prices were not as good as JC Penny this week. I try to buy Sarah's cloths on sale if possible because she grows out of her cloths so fast and we have to buy again and again. OK guys this is all for now. Take care and Have a good one.


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