Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Awesome Fat Loss Site!

My husband is feeling kind of unhappy because of his being fat and he is trying hard to lose some weight as possible. That's why he just eat once or twice a day sometimes he don't even eat if he has a too much work to do at work. Poor husband he stopped himself from eating a lot just he can lose weight and get back to his slim body like when he was young. It's been a few weeks now that he is trying to lose weight and he said yeah. He lost some weight, he lost about 15 or 20 lb so far. That's not much but I could see on his face that he is very happy for losing some weight just within a few weeks of dieting.

Yeah, my husband is in a diet but it's funny because when he forget that he is in a diet he would eat a lot and gain some weight again lol. That's why I'm thinking to buy him a Weight Watchers that way he can keep track on his weight always and control himself from eating too much. I think he will be happy that I found a Weight watchers for him to use. I know Weight watchers are the best thing to have for those who want to keep track on their weight. As I know there are some ways to lose weight and one of them that you might want to approach is Jenny Craig. She can help you lose weight too so if you want to lose weight and want Jenny's Craig to help you visit their awesome fat loss site now!