Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Planning to go back to school

I have been thinking to take classes online but after we looked at all the information's, applications included with the Fafsa and financial aid. We thought it's just too much for me and my husband to do. So, now we're thinking to go back to school at parkland both of me and my husband. My husband wants to go to school at parkland for just I think 1 semester. But, me I'm planning to go back to school to get a degree if God permits me. But first I need to take the ESL test that I took before then if I'll pass the test maybe I can start getting a degree.

We talked to my father in law this afternoon and asked him if he is ok to watch our kids while we go to school during the night. He said yes but he also said he'll charge us $25 per hour by watching our kids lol. But, I think he was just teasing us tomorrow we are going to parkland and talk to the counselor for me and my husband to get back to school. Ok, night.. night...thanks for coming.