Thursday, August 28, 2008

I bought some vegetables seeds

My younger brother asked me a favor to send him some vegetables and fruits seeds. So, I bought him some different kinds of seeds on saturday. I bought him about 19 packages of seeds but there's one missing the papaya seeds because they didn't have it. Well, it's almost winter now and it's kind of hard to find seeds to plant. Anyway, I'm going to send the seeds maybe this week if my husband have time to stop by at the post office and send it to him, because as you all know he is too busy working two jobs. He got a job as a teacher and his working at U of I too during the night. His too busy and hardly have time to rest. Poor hubby I feel bad to him for working too hard but hopefully it will get easier after Nov. because Nov. 20 I think is his last day at U of I.

They said until sept.19th only but they gave him a false info and when he went to the meeting on Tuesday he just found out that he needs to stay at U of I until Nov. 20 in order to get our health insurance back. It's too hard for him but we have no choice he have to do it. We're not sure if he is able to do it until Nov.20 but he'll try just we can have the health insurance back because it's very important for us especially we have two kids. Ok till next