Saturday, June 21, 2008

I finally downloaded our pictures during Sarah's birthday

Hello guys, the birthday party of my baby Sarah is finally over we celebrated it at chuckeCheese restaurant in Bloomington. We bought her a birthday cake, balloons, and toys. It was just a small party and we bought everything from the restaurant. I did not like the party because it was expensive and the food wasn't a lot. We should have gone to the red lobster restaurant rather than chuckeCheese. It was our first time there and now that we know how bad they are i think we won't come back there anymore. We did like the games though and I think Sarah had lots of fun so that was the most important. Anyway, after the party we took the kids to the zoo and we saw a lot of nice animals. We were going to take them to the water park but by then we were all so tired so my husband said we would do that next time.

I took some pictures of animals we saw at the zoo and i might share it with you next time. Right, now I'm feeling kind of tired and needs rest so bye for now. Hope you'll enjoy the slide show I made.