Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Today is my husband's last day of School

My husband and I are so very happy that today is his last day of school. Thankfully the school is going to be over today yahooo.... From tomorrow until next fall he don't have to go to work in the morning. But he still have to go to work at night from 5pm to 1Am I don't like it because I prefer him to be home with us during the night. But we have no choice it's hard to find a high paying job so he has to do it. We're happy that he has to work one job only this summer but we're going to tight with the money lol. That's alright though I like him to be home with us always so i'll try not to spend too much when we go shopping hahahaaaaaaa. If ever I can't control myself from spending a lot of money I have to get my PPP money and use it to spend for anything I want to buy lol.

It's kind of sad though that the PPP is so very slow these days. Just when the social park came the PPP started to slow down. In fact I'm losing hope on PPP sometimes and planning to find a job. Huh it's bad and tough especially I still don't have a PR on my blog.