Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Went to Good Will Store Yesterday

Yesterday we went shopping for groceries and clothes. I bought my husband a blue long sleeve and a neck tie for my father in law for father's day. I just bought them one item each because you know everything is so expensive now so I tried not to spend too much yesterday. Especially my husband is just working one job this summer. I know it's better to save money but on the other hand it's nice to spend it too to buy the things we want to have lol. Anyway, i'm trying to save some money although I'm a big spender and I send money to my family back home per month. My money in PPP is not much left and too bad the PPP is so very slow these last few weeks. I don't have much money in my account now and I don't get a lot of opps either which is sucks. I'm trying to save some money because I'm planning to buy a house to my family back home after a few years. Hope I can save enough money to buy them a house because they really need a big nice house badly eeeek.

Yesterday I went to good will store to buy some clothes for Sarah and Aaron and of course for me. My babies really needs some summer clothes. We bought clothes for them almost every week when we go shopping but naku! they still don't have enough hahaha. You believe it or not but it's true. Tc!