Friday, June 27, 2008

My husband Doctors Appt.

My husband had doctors appointment today for his eye. He wants his one eye to be fix completely because it's a cross eye or manok-manokon. Well, about his appointment it went well. But boy they took whole day there because the hospital they went today is far away from where we live it took them three hours drive to go there and three hours drive back home but it was all more than six hours because they stopped by at the restaurant and ate. They had trouble driving on their way back home too because it rained their a lot and my husband killed six ducks in the interstate. Well, it wasn't my husband's fault, it was ducks fault lol. Why they didn't run away when they saw some cars were coming to them. According to my husband they were walking in the interstate hehehe. Anyway, I'm so happy that my husband and father in law are finally back home safe and I'm so thankful to my hubby who is watching our babies while im doing PPP here lol. Tomorrow we're planning to go back to bloomington and go to their park so I will make sure to take some pictures of us again and share it with you. Have a great weekend.