Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Roses From Prairie Garden

Fairy Meideland Rose (Meiklutz)

Toulouse-Lautrec Rose

Amalia Hybrid Tea Rose

Sweet Potato Vine Blackie

During summer my husband is not working during the day only during the night. This morning I felt so bored so I told my husband that I want to go shopping for flowers. He did not want to go shopping because he wants to save money especially he just working one job this summer. But, I was so bad I forced him to take us shopping I told him I am the one to pay for the flowers I want to buy. He thought about it for a while and agreed. We went to Prairie garden the place that have some beautiful flowers I like. I like prairie garden I think they're the pretties place in Champaign. For flowers, christmas decorations, frames and etc. they're pricey or expensive but I like them. Today we went there and I bought three kinds of roses and one sweet potato vine blackie. You know how much did I pay for for all of them? I paid $55.and something. Very expensive but I don't care the only matters to me is that I'm happy because I got what I wanted to have. After I bought the flowers my husband said so are you happy now? I said yes I am. How about you? are you sad because I bought some flowers and spent some money? He said no I'm happy too because you are happy LOL. I am just so very happy and thankful to God that I have a good husband, understanding, loving, honest and responsible. After shopping for flowers we went to eat lunch at Mexican restaurant and yeah we came back home full. Thanks to God for all the blessings he give us everyday. I'm always so very grateful to him.