Saturday, June 28, 2008

We Went Fishing at Lake Of the Woods

Ducks swimming in the lake.

Me with Sarah I'm trying to pull the fish out from the water

My husband so very happy because he caught two fish hehehe. But he just put them back in the water because they were not very big and they were not enough to waste my time to cook them.

Today was my first time to go fishing in the US since I came here. Oh my that was fun we liked it especially because I caught one big fish and my husband caught two small fish. But too bad the fish I caught got away when I pulled it out from the water, huh it was a big and heavy fish. I had trouble pulling it out from the water as you can see in the picture oh. My bunit nagabawog gyud tungod sa kabug-at o dako ahahaha.

After the fish came off from the hook and tried to go back in the water I tried to catch it using my hands lol. Unfortunately I couldn't catch it back it happened so quick and the fish fell on the edge of the bank and then flipped in. . It came back in the water and finally got away. Poor me sud-an na unta to pero nakabuhi pa di ra gyud to nako swerte tingali. But that's fine because we're planning to go fishing again this week if my husband will agree for us to go. Hopefully I can catch a big fish again next time we come back there. How's your weekend going guys? Hope you are having fun too. I enjoyed my day fishing. Take care.


Ana P. S. said...

You speak English well na Ning. You do it better than me pa nga eh. Anyway, kind regards me ah. Show more pics pag maka catch ka sang big one. Basi mag fish sab mi soon.