Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My mother is going to have a karinderia business

I've chatted with my mother this morning and she has told me about her plan to buy a place for them to sell cooked foods in the village market. She said our acquaintance that does karinderia in the village market. Has offered her to buy her karinderia for 3,000 pesos. She is going to sell her karinderia or a small restaurant with my mother because her kids don’t want her to work anymore. Aba how nice naman ahehehe. My mother said it sounds like a good opportunity for them buy it and have a small business in the village. Well, I have agreed about her plan because it seems good to me and ever since they have not tried having a business like that. So, I sent her some money today for their bills and some other needs. I hope that if she buys that place they can take the money back or get some profits on it. They have not bought it yet so will see!


Anonymous said...

brad, musta karinderia business ng mom mo? natuloy ba? balits naman dyan. tsalamat!

Anonymous said...

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