Friday, March 07, 2008

Sarah's talking with her Dad on the phone

Sarah talked to her Dad on the phone the other night and here's the pictures I snagged on her. Boy..she talked a lot on that night she talked to her Dad but I couldn't understand any words she said LOLz. It was hard to understand because it was all baby talk. She now can say hi, bye, Mama, Papa, Mommy, Daddy but on that one night she talked to her Dad she didn't say any of that words it was all baby talk hehehe. I had fun listening to her talking to her Dad even I couldn't understand all the words that came out from her mouth. I was trying to understand every word came out from her mouth but I couldn't. Oh my, she was trying very hard too to talk and she did not even want to put the phone down although her Dad was already stopped talking to her LOL. Anyway, I have a lot to do yet so I better stop here for now. Have a great friday guys.


Norm said...

wow! she's so cute and beautiful, thanks for the visit nor and happy weekend..

Merydith said...

Nor ka cute sa imong duha ka babies uy. Si Frankie kay nag enjoy nag tan-aw sa mga pictures. Thanks for the visit.

Rickavieves said...

so adorable baby sis! :-) happy weekend!