Sunday, March 02, 2008

Naked Naturals

Look what I got? It's naked naturals shampoo and conditioner. Guess where it came from. It came from the PPP I am so very happy that PPP picked me and sent me this naked natural shampoo and conditioner. Thanks a lot PPP. I just tried the samples of shampoo and conditioner this morning and I have to tell you that the shampoo was very good, it had a nice lavender smell and had a very rich foamy quality as I washed my hair. Also, my hair felt very clean after I finished. Next I applied the conditioner and it also had a very nice lavender smell. Well, after I dried my hair my hair looked very nice, soft, and shiny. I like this product so much because it smells so good, and it makes my hair look very nice, soft and shiny. Plus, it's inexpensive shampoo and conditioner to buy. In fact, I'm planning to buy some next time we go to the store. So, if you guys haven't tried this product yet I would like to encourage you to try it. I'm sure you'll like it too as I do. Naked naturals with awapuhi and lavender is perfect for color treated hair, which needs a little extra care. They combine the softening, moisturizing properties of awapuhi extract with lavender, which stimulates hair growth and replenishes your hair and scalp giving new life to color treated hair. I think the most important benefits of the naked naturals hair care product line, is because it's all natural, and it makes hair up to 7x stronger. So, if you guys are thinking of trying this naked naturals shampoo and conditioner visit their website at