Monday, March 17, 2008

It' s so nice that my husband has no work this week

It's so nice that my husband has no work at Urbana school this week and he has 4 days off from his University Illinois job. I like it so much if my husband is always home with us and he does not have to go to work. I am so glad he has no work at Urbana school this week and he has 4 days off from his U of I job at the same time. He could stay home and spend time with us this week which is so very good because we can hardly spend time together if he has work in both jobs, and this week is a good time and chance for us to spend time together. But because of my being computer addicted I could not stop myself from using the computer, watch oops, blog hopping, update my blog and do some other stuff on the computer. My husband complained about it but I always find a reason to say to him so that he won't disconnect our computer in order for me to stay away from the comp lol. Anyway, we went shopping today at Aldi store and Filipino store and we spent big bucks again. He spent $120 for the stuff we bought from Aldi store and I spent $63 at Filipino store. I bought some meat like pork belly, goat meat, fish, shrimp and etc. I almost could not believed it cost me $63 for all the stuff I bought from Fil store. It's not too much but it's mostly meat I bought so I think the meat made it expensive and made me pay $63. I'm afraid we gonna have problems about money eventually that's why I need to control my spending. I need to stop myself from spending too much every time we go to the store. However, I am happy I bought all the stuff I wanted to buy. My husband didn't complain to much because he loves me and wants me to be happy.