Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Salty steak

On Saturday we went to eat steak at Road steak house. My husband and I ordered steak but oh boy they cooked their steak with lots of salt on it. My husbands steak was very salty he did not like it mine was not all very salty just a small amount I tasted very salty. But it was not well done as what I wanted to be. They did not cook my steak very well and my husbands steak was very salty. We did not like their food also their music was too loud especially for Sarah and Aaron. In fact, Aaron was sleeping when we came in the Restaurant but he woke when he heard their too loud music, and he could not sleep back after he woke up.

It was my first time going there but my husband been there maybe two times but when we went there he could not remember that they're not that good. He remembered when we were already inside and ready to sit down..Lolz. Well, since their food was not very good and their music was too loud, and their floor is very dirty lots of peanut shells on the floor we won't go back there anymore.


Norm said...

hmmmm sarap kalami ana oi!