Thursday, March 06, 2008

Adobong baboy

I have been here in US for 2 years and 6 months now, and last night was my first time to eat adobong baboy since I came here. Ang tagal man ano? But, anyway I am glad I found a recipe from Filipino store on how to cook adobong baboy because I didn't know how to cook adobong baboy before. Now, I know and I cooked it last night and it wasn't hard. I'll say it's fast and easy to cook adobong baboy. No need a lot of ingredients too, all you need is just the adobong baboy sauce mix, pork belly and water then you can cook adobong baboy. I gave my husband adobong baboy to take to work with him this morning but I don't know yet if he likes it or not. I'll wait and see what he gonna say after he eat it for dinner tonight. Heehe because he usually don't like to eat Filipino food. For him our food is bad, stinky ug uban pa LOL. But, we as a Filipino we love our food so much. Whatever they say it doesn't matter to me I'll eat whatever I want to eat. Till next time guys. Good night!


MaRIe PeEdE said...

Nor kalami ba anang adobong baboy oi samot man ko kataba hehehe, dali lang man na lutoon Nor maskin wla ka anang adobo mix oi. Naglagot ko oi karon pa ko kabalo na na pr zero akong bravejournal pr3 naman unta to.. bag-o pa god na pr3 then na pr zero dayon maygani akong blogspot pr3 pa. Makalagot lagi, karon paman god mi abot kay biometric schedule nko for my 10 yrs GC, nag apply ka na sa imong 10 yrs..wait nlang ko sa mail kay send man daw nila ang card.

Racel's Moments of My Life said...

uy nors thanks for all the visits to my site ha! sori minsan late ang reply kase i'm a full-time employee so sobrang busy ko sa buhay, i really appreciate it, thanks ha! masarap naman talaga adobong baboy lalo when the sauce is almost colored black na and nangingibabaw na ang oil grabe kaya lang nakakataba hehehe! master namin sa bahay ang adobo eh! if you want other pinoy recipes pa nakita mo na ba yung del monte kitchenomics, that's good din! regards ha!