Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Once again I have been so unlucky these days. It's been 3 days included the weekend I could not grab any oops. I was always late even if I click the opp while it's white after clicking the submit the next thing will appear is that all of that opportunities have already been taken. Hay kalagot baya oi I just have been so unlucky these. Today I clicked 3 or 4 white 50 bucks oops but still no luck of the 1k oops every tuesday. But I won't lose hope I know there's one 50 bucks opp for me. But I guess it hasn't come yet lol. Anyway, I grabbed 2 today for 5bucks, and that's it. Maayo nalang may duha ko nga na grab today ky kung wala another 0 day naman unta ko sa PPP karon. Having PR 0 is tough and sucks. Wish they will put my PR back soon.


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