Friday, March 21, 2008


Today is friday this is the last day of the week and it's gonna be the weekend. Today we're going out again we're going to eat lunch in Mahomet which is closer to where we live. We also want to go to the bank after lunch to change our checking and saving account. They raised the interest a little bit so that's why we want to change our account so that we can have the larger rate instead of just .9%. Also, we're planning to make a saving account for Sarah and Aaron for their school. My husband is going to put a 1,000 bucks each of their account since my money is not very much in my savings. But he asked me to just contribute 50 bucks per month to put in their account. So, I guess that's ok because I want them to have savings too while they're growing. When they becomes big or 18 yrs.old so they can have money of their own to pay for college. Tonight my husband has to go back to work but at least it is only one night till the weekend so it won't be so hard for him. Then saturday we're planning to do spring cleaning on our house but we have already done some as my father in law steam cleaned the front room carpet this week and my husband cleaned our kitchen cabinets and counters. He did my work for me lol. Oh well I'm always so busy and I'm just so very thankful to have a wonderful and helpful husband.


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