Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Aaron at 8 months old and 9 days

I have nothing much topics to talk about so I decided to just share my baby's pictures. It's Aaron he's sitting on our big brown chair. It's so funny because every time I point the camera on him he just want to look and look at me and the camera then make a good poses lol. I think he looks so very good on these pictures and I tell you what he's a climber baby just like her sister Sarah. He always likes to climb on our chair couch or even on us like when I'm sitting down holding him he would climb up on me lol. He has doctor's appointment approaching and hopefully he gains some weight this time. Wish us or him luck guys. Take care and hope you'll enjoy the pictures.


Ana P. S. said...

Wow, Aaron is looking good. He looks very healthy. He must have gained weight na kaya hopefully nga no complains about how much he weight na he needs to gain, etc. That is also the problem with Hannah but then she is always sick so how can she possibly gain weight. Anyway, thanks for sharing the pics. I like Aarons nose, cute.