Thursday, May 22, 2008

Getting to know me

Got this tag from Eds thanks sis I had fun doing it.

What time do you usually wake up? About 7 or 8 o'clock in the morning.

What’s the first thing you do? Open the computer before do anything else lol.

Breakfast? Yes Sausage or corned beef or beacon with bread.

Do you go to work/school? No, because I'm doing online job.

Do you like it? Yeah I like it especially if I have PR on my blog.

What do you do all day? Watch and taking care of my babies, watch PPP and etc.

When’s lunch and what are you eating? I usually have my lunch at 11 o'clock. I eat rice with chicken, beef, or pork with vegetables.
What time do you get home from work/school? I'm home the whole day whole night except during the weekend.
What do you do? Watch and taking care of my babies, do my house chores and etc.

Dinner: When and what? 7-7:30pm, rice with something but usually beef, chicken, or pork with vegetables.

What do you do to unwind? I watch Tv, listen music, and I sleep.

what’s your favorite part of the day? When my babies are taking a nap because I could have a break hahahaaaaaaa.
Who’s your favorite person to interact with? My hubby, Sarah and Aaron.

When’s bedtime? 9pm sometimes after 11pm if I'll watch blogsvertise.

Who’s bedtime with? My husband and my baby Aaron.

I'm passing this tag to my friend Francine and Ness. Grab it ladies have fun.