Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I stayed up last night

Until after 11:00pm because I did fnish the social park opportunity although it was late already at night. I hate to waste the opp that I grabbed already and I need some extra money so I did it. Boy, it took me so long to finish that opp because there was a lot of questions and the blog description was about 150 or 125 max required. It was like I am writing another opp besides the social park opp lol. But anyway, I stayed up until after 11pm last night just to finish my social park opp. Then I directly watched blogsvertise since it was about time to blogsvertise to put oops. But, unfortunately there was no oops on blogsvertise.

I could finish the social park opp earlier than 11pm but because I always have a lot to do and very busy taking care with my babies it delayed me for finishing the opp early. But, that's alright at least I got it done and submitted it to them. Today is wednesday and my husband called me earlier and told me that he is going to have work interview in clinton. Hopefully they'll hire him heheeeeeeee. Actually, his hired already for teaching job in green field Illinois. My husband is going to teach a junior students in green field IL maybe this August or Sept. But, today the other guy called him and said that they want to interview him, who knows perhaps they'll hire him too lol. Mag double na nya but he said if they'll hire him he'll pick which one is the high paying job and accept it. Low paying drop it.