Friday, May 09, 2008

Amadeus Home Music School

For those who are interested to learn piano and wants to have piano lessons at home visit This is the website where you can hire person or people to teach you piano lessons at home. Amadeus Home Music School learn to play an instrument at home. Learning instrument or piano at home is very comfortable no hassle and no waste of money to buy gasoline. So, if you want to have piano lessons at home visit amadeus home music


Skip Walker said...

Before using this company, check

I am in the middle of a horror story with them.

GT said...

I have to agree with Skip Walker. Please check out the following site

Beware of this company

Anonymous said...

Amadeus Home Music School is a SCAM! They charge your credit card and promise lessons up until the day you can no longer dispute the charges. Then you are unable to contact them. The ripped me of $880.00! Keep searching their name, as there are hundreds of complaints about them.

anywhere_Smile said...

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