Saturday, May 10, 2008

Over time

Today is saturday night but guess what my husband is at work. He has overtime at work tonight until 12pm. I don't want him to be at work always especially during the weekend because weekend is the only time we can be together the whole day and night. He said he didn't want to work tonight or during the weekend because that's the only time he can rest and be with me and kids the whole time. But, they pay big if it's over time and they asked him to work overtime tonight. So, because we need some money his working overtime tonight. In fact, today was our shopping day but we did not go shopping because my husband needed to take a nap badly. He was very tired so we just canceled our shopping today and just stayed home. But, tonight his at work working overtime and I'm sure he gonna be more tired when he gets home. But, tomorrow is mother's day and we're planning to go to town tomorrow to go shopping and maybe go eat. Anyway, happy mother's day to all the mothers have fun!


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