Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Beauty Secret

A tag from my sexy friend Francine . Thanks very much Francine! Here's my Answers:
My Foundation: Revlon
My Blush: Nichido
My Day Cream: Nivea Soft
My Lipstick: Nichido, and Avon
My Essential Beauty Product: just an ordinary lip balm and lip gloss pour les levres
My favorite Make-up product: Avon, Nichido, and Revlon
My Perfume: Miss Saigon but can't remember the rest because I stopped using them it makes me sick.
My Nails: It's been a long time now I could not do manicure with myself nor going to some place and have it done.
My Feet: hahaha the floor of our bath tub is a little rough so I just rub my feet in our bath tub every time I'll take a shower lol. We have a foot spa here at home but too lazy and busy to do it.
My hands: Simple I just put lotion on my hands heheheeeee
Three Products to bring on a deserted island: soap, hat and sun block
Women I admire for their beauty: Jennifer Aniston, Dion Celine and some other girls just can't remember their names.
Women with the best Sense of Style: Sarah Jessica Parker, Paris and Nicky Hilton
My ultimate dream: To buy a beautiful new big house for my family in Phil. and for my family here.
My favorite fashion Publication: Elle, Vogue

I'm tagging Marie and Mari-De.