Thursday, May 08, 2008

Good Morning!

Guys, how are you doing? hope all is well with you. As for us we're eating breakfast right now. I'm feeding Aaron breakfast too at the same time I'm eating my breakfast not only that I'm also watching PPP lol. I'm doing multiple works at the same time it's so very hard for me everyday. But I have no choice and we did it purposely to have babies in closer age. So, here I'm doing all the works by myself because my husband is always too busy at work. When he is home he still could not help me a lot because he's very tired and he needs rest. Hay, buhay daw ka surrenderon nako to all my tasks here at home. In fact, I'm always tired and sometimes I could cry when my babies are crying at the same time. Then nothing to ask for help to watch them while I'm doing something. I just feel bad hearing them crying I could not stand with it. That's why even I'm doing something then they're crying because wants to be hold or wants attention. I just stop what I'm doing then pick them up especially my little boy. He is the one who is giving me a hard time always. My little girl is going to 2 years old this June 20th. So, she's not as handful as my little boy. Anyway, it's enough chit-chat for now. have a nice day!