Thursday, May 29, 2008

I am So Glad

I finally received my green card last week. I think it was so funny when my husband said perhaps I would leave him because I already got my green card lol. Before we got married his one friend told him that once I get here and got my green card I would just leave him. Crazy idea I never thought or planned to leave him if other girls did that to their husband not me because I'm devoted to him. I would never want to leave my wonderful family. I would never want to make something that can cause us to break up. I love my family so much my husband and my two adorable kids. They're everything to me and I think my life would be so terrible or useless without them. Anyway, it's enough na nga drama lol di ni drama oy tinood ni ako a.

I'd like so much to show you my green card but I don't want to show or disclose my personal info to anybody so I decided not to take picture of my green card instead. Sorry about that hope you understand.