Thursday, May 15, 2008

My most embarrassing moment

Hi, I just want to share my most embarrassing moment that one time when we went shopping. Aaron pulled down my t-shirt I didn't know he pulled my t-shirt down until my nipple was showing lol. When I discovered my t-shirt was down and my nipple was showing I felt ashamed especially there was some people in the store shopping too. Anyway, I immediately pulled my t-shirt back up after I discovered it was down. It happened so quick that I don't think anyone saw, not even my husband but wow was that a close call and now I'm always so careful when I hold Aaron that he can't ever do it again. Talking about oysters I love Gulf oysters it's very good and yummy. But, we should be careful when we eat oysters because not all oysters are safe to eat. Some are good and some are dangerous to eat. Like raw oysters it's unsafe to eat so we should avoid eating raw oysters if possible. I know most of us love oysters but we should be aware when we eat oysters to keep safe and healthy. For more information on how to be oysters aware visit


Ana P. S. said...

You did great with making your video. It is fine, and I am glad you finally uploaded it here. Akala ko never na mag work, a good thing it worked. Thanks for sharing it!