Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Trusted tours and Attractions

Chicago is not too far from where we live I think it's only two hours drive. When we went there last year for a visit we had so much fun. We did some good things there we like and we enjoyed it a lot. The things to do in Chicago are a lot you if you like games can do golf, basketbal, badminton, tennis, poker and etc. There are so much to mention if you want just go there and experience it by yourself. I'm sure you'll like chicago because it's nice and big place. I'ts maybe crowded there compare to where we live but it's nice there's a lot of beautiful scenes you can see, and there's a lot of things to do for you to enjoy. But, if you're planning to go to chicago or somewhere else be sure to check the Trusted Tours and Attractions sightseeing tours because Trusted Tours and Attractions offers discounted tickets to the best sightseeing tours in 23 cities across America.

Things to do in New York City are a lot too you can do Spirit of New York Dinner Cruise, Spirit of New York Lunch Cruise, New York Helicopter Tour, Central Park Bike Tour, Brooklyn Bridge Bike Tour and some other cool things. Again if you're planning to take a vacation and looking for ideas on what to do? Visit trusted tours and attractions and Sign up for the Trusted Travels eNewsletter and enter to win a $150 iTunes gift card Offer ends Saturday, May 31st, 2008. Don't forget they have a special promotion so visit them now because they are having where a person can win a $150 itunes gift card by signing up for their newsletter.