Thursday, October 11, 2007

*Aaron & Sarah's current photos*

At last I able to download some Aaron's new photos and of course Sarah's pictures too. There they are aren't they gorgeous babies? oh! they're just so precious and adorable babies. We're so very happy and lucky to have them in our life. God blessed us so much for giving us perfect babies. They are the love of our life and we love them so much.

Anyway, Aaron is 3 weeks old now and he's doing good as well. There's no any problem about him and also Sarah. My only trouble for Sarah is because she's getting into everything now. It's hard for me to keep an eye on her and stop her from making troubles all the time. When I'm taking care or holding with my little one. Gosh, it's frustrated sometimes and I could wish my family in Philippines is here to help me he he.

It's nice being a mother and have baby or babies but grrrrr...a lot of work it always take my energy out just to taking care both of them and do my house chores. But this is what we wanted to have babies in close age so I should bear and do what I have to do. Ok guys, I won't make it long bye-bye and enjoy the pictures.


juliet said...

wow! u had ur 2nd baby na pala! Congrats! and enjoy ur new bundle of joy! am happy 4 u na paris na ang babies mo!...

parang kailan lng, na.. buntis ka at ngayon andyan na cya.'..ang cute cute nya! he`s another blessings jud!,,and ur Sarah is big na pod..and cutie girl..

alright, take lots of rest and God bless!

ruther said...'s worth the wait huh..ang cute ni little boy! as in! :)

anaps said...

Aba, dagko na niece and nephew ko ah. Ang cute nila. Share nya more pics ha, kanang close up ni Aaron aron makita ko iyang mukha ng closely. Unta magkita ta kon adto mi sa Chicago...LOL-ga damgo ko. Ok ah, regards me, nice pics thanks for sharing. Daw si bana mo ang new baby ha.

recel said...

hayyy Nor! i understand what u'r talking about. ako gani nga isa ra ra, kapoy man gani. how much more nang imoha. pag-ayo ayo nga di ka mahago kaayo. bag-o pa ra ba ka nanganak.

great pics diay! it's lovely to see sarh and aaron. they're both adorable. sarap talaga ng may baby. lalo na pag lalaki! lol.

lutchi said...

adorable cute kids u got there.

Musta naman?