Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Can't decide what camcorder want to buy

I have withdraw $500 from my PPP money to buy camcorder. I wanted to withdraw $600 but they have limit if how much you can withdraw from pay pal and it's only $500 per month. I did withdraw my money from PPP last few weeks ago and now it's in my bank account already. All i need to do is get the money from the bank that i need to buy a camcorder. But the problem is i couldn't find the one i like yet. We still shopping and looking the one i like to buy. We have been looking some camcorder on the web too and maybe if we can find one we like we might just order from them. Gosh i don't know much about camcorder and it's hard for me to decide what kind of camcorder i really want because there's a lot of choices and it's confusing LOL. My husband know a bit about it though so maybe i want him to help me find and decide what's good or best camcorder to buy. Hopefully we can shop some more for camcorder this weekend and find the one we like. Ok guys, till here na muna. Take care!